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Top NCAA D-1 Assistants in TN/KY


In an evolving voting process, we took a look at the top D-1 Assistant Coaches.  This time we gave the voters (17 submitted anonymous votes while 11 potential voters did not submit a vote) the chance to pick from all 57 D-1 Assistants in Tennessee and Kentucky.  There’s 19 D-1 schools….7 in Kentucky (Louisville, UK, WKU, Murray, Morehead, NKU, EKU) and 12 in Tennessee (UT, Vandy, Memphis, UTM, MTSU, Belmont, Lipscomb, TSU, TN Tech, Austin Peay, UT-Chat, ETSU).  Many coaches garnered votes with 41 of 57 coaches receiving at least 1 vote.  8 of the top 10 assistants came from Louisville, UK, Vanderbilt and Tennessee.

Here’s how the voting came out –

Name – School
1 Tom Garrick – Vanderbilt
2 Kyra Elzy – UT
3 Samantha Williams – Louisville
4 Kim Rosamond – Vanderbilt
5 Stephanie Norman – Louisville
6 Adeniyi Amadou – UK
7 Dean Lockwood – UT
8 Sam Purcell – Louisville
9 Nikki Davis – ETSU
10 Greg Collins – WKU

HM – Kim Brewton (MTSU), Carley Kuhns (Belmont), David Russell (UT-Martin), Allison Clark (TN Tech)

Non-D-1 Assistants Who Deserve Recognition – Martina Mihailovic (Bethel), Aisha Barker (SW TN CC), Jasmine Coleman (Walters St), Miranda Denney (Campbellsville), Jan Spangler (Lee)



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