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MAM – Memphis Middle School Holiday Tournament



Snowden duo Kynadi Kuykendoll and Brianna Cooks (picture credit Patosha Jeffery –

Coverage by Tim Lownsdale @tlownsdale

This write-up will consist of focus on the MAM middle school tournament that was held in Memphis over the Christmas break. I personally only got to see two games of the MAM tournament, but the talent I saw in those 2 games was not your average middle school players out there. There were several potential BCS players in the two games alone.  The first game I watched was between two of the powerhouse middle school teams out of the Memphis area, Schilling Farms MS and Snowden MS.

Schilling Farms MS

Schilling is coached by a well-known name around the Memphis area in Coach Pattie Gardner. Coach Gardner has coached several of the top players in the Memphis area in her time as the middle school coach at Schilling Farms. Another name she will be able to add to her list of players that she has coached will be Jayla Hemingway. Jayla is one of the top 8th graders in the country and has several BCS schools showing interest daily. BCS schools that have shown interest are schools such as Baylor, Vandy, Ole Miss, Louisville, Ohio State as well as several others. In this particular game against Snowden, Jayla finished with 30 of her teams 41 points and was double, triple, and quadruple teamed multiple times during the game. She also completed the double-double in the game finishing with 11 rebounds. Jayla continues to impress me every time I watch her play. She comes off as a very hungry, humble, and mature kid that has a bright future ahead of her. If you’re a BCS coach, you should definitely check her out!

Snowden MS

Snowden features some very impressive players in the 2019 class as well. Snowden is led by the duo of Brianna Cooks and Kynadi Kuykendoll. Both of these players should be monitored at the BCS level over the course of their high school careers. Brianna Cooks is a very impressive player at the point guard position. Cooks has a great all-around game that showcases some very impressive handles with the basketball as well as a very pure shot. When dribbling through pressure, Cooks does a good job of keeping the ball low and dribbling with her head up enabling her to see team mates. Another thing that impressed me about Brianna is the fact that she doesn’t force the issue too much which is rare to see at the middle school level. BCS schools should definitely take a look at her over the next 4 years. Kynadi Kuykendoll is another piece of a very strong duo of guards at Snowden. Kuykendoll is extremely athletic and showcases a very impressive leaping ability. Kuykendoll has the ability to attack the rim off the dribble finishing through contact or pulling up for the three ball. Kuykendoll is going to be an outstanding player over the course of her high school career. BCS schools should also check her out over the next several years as well.

Both of these two players will be playing with #TeamSlink this spring and summer.


I only watched a short bit of this game, however, one player that really stood out to me was Subscribe to John McGraw Scouting. With me not having seen MHEA MS play before, I knew very little about the team. She was extremely impressive with the ball.

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