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Mid-Jan 2015 TN/KY HS Top 40

top HS teams collage

TN/KY HS Top 40 WEEK #7 – Mid Jan. 2015
Week 7 Prev Week High School Record The Skinny
1 1 Blackman (TN) 16-2 Had 3 quality wins over Smyrna, Stewarts Creek and Riverdale. Big matchup with Oakland coming next Friday.
2 2 Elizabethtown (KY) 17-2 Big win over Homestead (IN)…have a game vs Riverdale (TN) on the horizon.
3 3 Dyer Co (TN) 21-0 Beat defending Class A champs Union City and quality memphis team St. Benedicts. Big matchup with Munford away next Friday.
4 4 Ridgeway (TN) 15-0 Beat a good Houston team with Jaida Roper 48-34. Have a good Southwind team on Friday.
5 5 Henderson Co. (KY) 15-1 Continued their winning ways despite losing their best player in 2017 Alisha Owens to a season ending injury
6 9 Male (KY) 14-0 Continued to win despite not playing any higher level competition. The tail end of their schedule gets tougher and we will have a better idea if they are ranked too high or not soon.
7 6 Oakland (TN) 16-3 Lost to a good Smyrna team on the road 40-60 but rebounded at home vs Riverdale the next night 65-52
8 14 Mt. Juliet (TN) 19-2 Continued their winning ways, beating a good Wilson Central team by 20. Haven’t lost since mid -December and may not lose again during the regular season
9 8 Riverdale (TN) 17-4 Poised to move up the rankings again but suffered a 13pt loss to Oakland. Face the toughest part of their schedule with 4 tough games in a row (Elizabethtown (KY), Blackman, Smryna, and Stewarts Creek.
10 15 Murray (KY) 16-2 Beat Ballard Memorial and Owensboro Catholic handidly. Have a big matchup with Marshall Co soon.
11 13 Dupont Manual (KY) 15-4 After a bad loss 2 weeks ago, Manual has responded with 4 quality wins over Sacred Heart, GRC, Mercy and CAL, they have Henderson Co. next
12 12 Elizabethton (TN) 19-0 Winning every game by 25-30+ they are just not challenged out in the eastern corner of TN. Have a season ending game vs Science Hill which may prove to be their only challenge to an undefeated regular season.
13 25 Holmes (KY) 17-0 The biggest movers of the week. Holmes continues to win. Big games next Friday vs. Holy Cross Covington and Newport
14 7 Butler (KY) 12-3 Lost to a good Mercy team after beating some local competition. Big game with Franklin Co next Saturday.
15 22 Paducah Tilghman (KY) 16-2 After being down 20 came back to beat Marshall Co. in OT…also beat McCracken Co.
16 20 Dickson Co (TN) 20-1 Only blemish is to a good Gaitlinburg-Pittman team on their road…have a re-match with Brentwood but could finish the regular season with just 1 loss.
17 16 Middleton (TN) 19-0 For the most part they are just killing everyone they play, but that’s not saying much. Their schedule is possibly the weakest in the poll. Which is the main reason they will not be able to advance much above their current rank.
18 17 Memphis Overton (TN) 14-2 Beat a good Whitehaven team in their only game this week.
19 18 South Warren (KY) 15-3 Won 3 games including Glasgow and Muhlenburg Co. Still have to play at Bowling Green
20 21 MHEA (TN) 23-4 Beat a good Hamilton Heights team this week in Memphis. Should have a great chance of winning the Home School National Championship
21 24 Bell Co. (KY) 14-2 Beat Clay Co, Leslie Co and South Laurel and may not be challenged again during the regular season. Should win region 13.
22 27 Allen County-Scottsville (KY) 15-3 Won a number of games since the last poll beating Glasgow twice and Muhlenburg Co. Going to be a war to win this region between them, So.Warren, Bowling Green and Clinton Co.
23 28 CPA (TN) 16-0 Continue to breeze thru the regular season, could potential set up a undefeated matchup between them and Elizabethton in the state AA tournament.
24 10 Mercer Co. (KY) 16-3 Lost to a decent Nelson Co. team stopping an 8 game win streak over some good competition. Have a very good shot at winning region 12 this year
25 11 Holy Cross Covington (KY) 14-3 Upset by an ok Bishop Bossart team, but have strung together 3 wins in a row to get back on track. Have a huge game this Thursday vs Holmes which will go a long way in proving who is the best in Region 9
26 23 Morristown West (TN) 19-3 Upset by a South Greene team they had previously beaten then responded with a win over a tough Cocke Co team. Face Jefferson Co on the road on Tuesday looking to avenge a loss from earlier this year.
27 19 Ashland Blazer (KY) 12-4 Can’t seem to get themselves in the upper echelon of KY teams, losing recently to East Carter and Huntington (WV), both quality opponennts.
28 26 Mercy (KY) 12-5 Like Blazer can’t seem to get over the hump to be one of the elite teams in the state. Good enough to take down Butler one night then turn around and lose to Manual
29 NR Smyrna (TN) 14-4 Huge upset over Oakland 60-40 the other night and have looked great recently, with their only loss in 2015 coming vs Blackman. Have a huge matchup Tuesday with Riverdale.
30 38 Henry Clay (KY) 12-2 Have 2 losses all year by a combined 4 points, including a 2 point loss to Butler. Recent wins include all blowouts except a close win over rival Lafayette
31 NR Bearden (TN) 20-3 Haven’t lost in 2015 and earlier losses were to a good Jefferson Co team, Knox Webb and Mt. Juliet, all quality clubs.Still have showdowns with regional foes Farragut, Maryville, Heritage and William Blount
32 NR East Carter (KY) 15-4 Beat Ashland Blazer and Boyd Co recently and haven’t lost since Dec. 29th against a good Lafayette team.
33 NR Highlands (KY) 15-1 Continues to roll thru northern Kentucky. No huge signature wins, but they don’t lose either. Big game with Holy Cross Covington this week
34 NR Brentwood Academy (TN) 17-1 Lost to Knox Webb back in November and have been perfect since beating some quality clubs. Huge matchup looms on Tuesday vs Baylor
35 29 White Co (TN) 19-2 Were poised to keep moving up but lost to one of the top teams in TN class A, Clarkrange.
36 36 West Carroll (TN) 20-0 Continued to keep winning and thus held onto their spot in the top 40. Looking like it’s going to be big showdown in the playoff vs. Gibson Co.
37 39 Houston Co. (TN) 22-1 Another TN Class A school that just keeps winning, although they barely escaped at Community recently
38 32 Simon Kenton (KY) 16-1 They were recently upset by Scott but still have a great chance to win Region 8 in KY.
39 33 Knoxville Webb (TN) 17-4 Have played great all year losing only to teams probably should have beaten them but finally had a bad loss the other day losing to Alcoa, nearly dropping them out of the poll.
tie 40 NR Hamilton Heights (TN) 15-6 Despite having 6 losses, the most of any team in the poll, Hamilton Heights enters for the first time since pre-season. They have played without a doubt one of toughest schedules and possibly with the exception of Blackman and Elizabethtown played the toughest schedule of any team in TN or KY
tie 40 34 Dyersburg (TN) 18-2 Recently upset by a good Martin Westview team but still hold an 18-2 record. UT-Martin signee Myah Taylor dropped 44 points in their last game
Dropped out: #30 Baylor (TN), #31 Eastern (KY), #35 Briarcrest Christian (TN), #37 Murfreesboro Central Magnet (TN), #40 University Heights (KY)
Others Receiving Consideration (in alphabetical order)
Baylor (TN) 14-2
Brentwood (TN) 17-2
Briarcrest Christian (TN) 13-6
Bowling Green (KY) 15-5
Crockett Co. (TN) 18-3
Cumberland Co. (TN) 17-3
Danville (KY) 15-4
Eastern (KY) 12-2
Franklin Co (KY) 14-2
Gaitlinburg Pittman (TN) 12-5
Graves Co (KY) 15-3
Gibson Co. (TN) 23-2
Houston (TN) 12-5
Jackson South Side (TN) 16-4
Lawrence Co (TN) 18-3
Livingston Aca. (TN) 17-5
Marshall Co (KY) 13-6
Maryville (TN) 15-3
Munford (TN) 15-6
No. Greene (TN) 17-6
Smyrna (TN) 14-4
So. Greene (TN) 19-4
Southwestern (KY) 14-2

6 comments on “Mid-Jan 2015 TN/KY HS Top 40

  1. Red Raider
    January 19, 2015

    Nice to see a couple of our Chattanooga teams mentioned. Hamilton Heights and Baylor are very deserving. Both have very talented young ladies and are well coached. One pretty big miss could be Bradley Central. 13-4 with very close losses to Bearden, Baylor and Hamilton Heights (all on this list) and wins over highly touted Smyrna, Gatlinburg Pittman and Munford. (All on this list) see the schedule. Pittman and Munford look to have been very convincing wins at the Riverdale tourney. Schedule also shows a 24 point win over a good Farragut team. 6 of their 17 games with teams on your list speaks to their schedule strength.

    • johnmcgraw49
      January 20, 2015

      Bradley Central was receiving consideration a few weeks back but then lost to Cleveland dropped them out of the others receiving consideration. They do seem to be playing well, and have a shot to make it back to the others receiving consideration in the next poll, as long as they keep winning

  2. jackie cravens
    January 19, 2015

    what about clarkrange tenn.

    • jackie cravens
      January 19, 2015

      clarkrange have beat Hamilton heights ,Livingston ,Cumberland co., Jackson co ., and smith co., petty good record thanks .

      • jackie cravens
        January 19, 2015

        plus also white co. in tn.

      • johnmcgraw49
        January 20, 2015

        Yes but they have 5 losses and even though the beat those teams they also lost to many of them as well. That said Clarkrange is a team we have our eye on. They have been in the poll in previous weeks. They lost to Pickett Co, White Co twice, Hamilton Heights beat them by 20 the 2nd game and Cumberland Co. If they had 2 or 3 losses I can see them being in, but 5 is too many especially for a single A school.

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