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FHSAA State Tournament – 3A Semis

mcd final 4

Miami Country Day is the favorite to win the FHSAA 3A Division

Seffner Christian – Started out slowly but Chelsie Hall led a resurgence midway thru the 2nd quarter, including spearheading a 15-3 run, when they were down 26-11. Then they started the second half strong and led by Peyton Walker stormed ahead to win 69-56. Hall lead Seffner with 21 and Walker finished with 19.

Chelsie Hall – 5’7 2017 PG – One of the best pure PG’s in the country. She has the handles, quickness, athleticism, ability to get to the rim and can shoot the rock with decent consistency. There’s no question Chelsie will play on the BCS level and she will easily be one of the marquee PG’s nationally in the 2017 class.

Tina Stephens – 6’1 2017 PF – a big strong body, with enough size and athleticism to play the post for a smaller D-1 school for sure. She isn’t a completely polished player which means she has room to grow and improve in terms of skill set, although she made some great passes from the high post area. She’s the 4th or 5th option this year at Seffner but her role is going to expand in the next 2 years.

University Christian – Started out on fire, as 2016 Ja’Tavia Tapley completely dominated the game. UC went away from Tapley and they slowly started losing ground to Hall and her Seffner teammates. The second half was a meltdown, highlighted by a plethora of bad shots. At one point Seffner had outscored UC 54-23 after the initial 26-11 lead.

Glenisha Harkless – 6′ 2018 CG – Plays the PG for her HS team, she’s truly a combo guard because of her unbelievable size at the position. She’s athletic and sees the floor well, looking to distribute first, score second. As she matures, she will understand that there are times when she needs to score. Undoubtedly a BCS caliber player.

Ja’Tavia Tapley – 6’3 2016 Wing/F – The only downside to Tapley is that she doesn’t want to bang with the posts down low. It’s not that she can’t, she just doesn’t prefer to. She can shoot the 3 ball like a guard, and handles it good enough especially in transition. She finished at a high speed in transition with either hand and there’s zero question she will go to a top 10 program. The only question will be in 4 years, how high of a draft pick will she be.

Calvary Christian – They have a few nice players especially the twins Carley and Savannah Plentovich, but they just aren’t in the same league as MCD who has 2 BCS guards and 4 other future D-1 players. Maybe they could have hung with MCD if they could have stopped them from getting what seemed like every rebound in the first half.

Carley Plentovich – 5’9 2016 SG – a long lanky athlete, she has the ability to hit 3s in a bunch. She hit 2 in the first as Calvary Christian struggled to keep it close. Like her sister, she most likely has the ability to play at a small D-1 but MCD did a good job making her look less than she probably is.

Savannah Plentovich – 5’8 2016 CG – Has more PG skills than her sisters and was pretty good pushing the ball in transition. She’s not bad at drive and kick and I’m sure she has had many days where she has shot the ball better. My guess is she can play at a small D-1 school but MCD makes a lot of good players not look so good.

Miami Country Day – Way too much firepower for Calvary Christian. On top of that they were bigger, stronger and shot the lights out in the first half en route to a 47-17 lead. The second half was just a requirement.

Maria Alvarez – 5’5 2019 Shooting Guard – The 8th grader can shoot the lights out and she’s been doing so on the varsity level for 2 years now. She doesn’t look like a big time player but my guess is that won’t matter. She starts as a middle schooler for one of the top teams in the country and is more than capable of holding her own. I look forward to seeing her on the club circuit this summer, where she should be able to dominate if for no other reason then her experience against kids her own age. She’s got adequate handles, and already has mastered using ball fakes so that she can step back into a 3 ball. The next progress will be developing that mid range game, but her basketball IQ is high and she understands what she can and can’t do even at a young age.

Channise Lewis – 5’8 2017 PG – The athletic lead guard knows how to play and that means a lot for a prospect with her size, strength and athleticism. She doesn’t chuck up bad shots or push when it isn’t there. Yea she makes some mistakes but not many for an overly athletic sophomore, who is pushing the rock more times than not. It’s absolutely a guarantee that she will be playing in the BCS somewhere in 3 years.

Kelsey Marshall – 5’8 2017 CG – Marshall and Lewis maybe the best 2017 HS backcourt in the country. Marshall is a special player, blessed with size, strength and athleticism like her running mate Lewis, and has a dynamic game to match. She’s a slasher, who can shoot the 3 ball. Very hard to guard these 2 awesome 2017 guards. There seems to be some question if she’s a BCS guard, but to me the answer is YES!

DaShaun Jackson – 6′ 2017 W/PF – The 6′ W/F has the ability to play back to the basket or slash from the wing. She uses her athleticism to be an above average offensive rebounder, learning from her senior teammates, Ogechi Anyagaligbo and Michelle Berry. She got a definite D-1 body but will have to hone her perimeter skills and get more aggressive on the offensive end to play at a high D-1 level. Her projection right now is smaller D-1 school.

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