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Uncommitted Players in Tennessee & Kentucky You Need to Know

2015 6′ Forward De’Asia Outlaw of Henderson Co. (KY)

The last month and a half we have covered several events throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. These events include but are not limited to, the Raatz Fence Classic, Louisville Invitational Tournament, All “A” Classic, District 7AAA (TN) tournament, District 9A (TN) tournament and several high school games. We will be filling you in on several uncommitted players that we have seen since January. First we will highlight the 2015 & 2016 prospects.


Maci Brown, 5’7 guard, Henderson County KY – D2/NAIA – Brown can absolutely shoot the lights out, she knocked down 6 threes in route to helping her team knock off Male in the LIT. Maci also has a very high basketball IQ, as do most players that come out of Henderson. If you’re looking for a 3pt specialist that you can depend on to knock down 2-3 treys a game, give Brown a look.

Miah Casey, 5’11 forward, Butler KY – D2/NAIA/JUCO – Casey has a long solid frame, she is extremely athletic, and has impressive rebounding skills. Her offensive game definitely needs some polishing. Miah is a player that a lower level 4-year or JUCO should take a shot at. She has loads of upside and will eventually be able to really help a program.

Teanna Curry, 5’5 guard, DuPont Manual KY – D2/NAIA/JUCO – Curry is a small yet explosive guard that can get to the rack. She likes to get out and run in transition, has good floor vision, and uses her quickness defensively. Has one D1 offer, several NAIA/D2 offers.

Ashley Johnson, 5’4 guard, Sacred Heart KY – D2/NAIA/JUCO – Johnson has a small frame, but is lightning quick. She is a skilled passer, has a solid handle, and a high basketball IQ. High motor. Ashley doesn’t do anything great but she does everything well. She will be a solid late pickup for some NAIA/D2 school.

Cameron McPherson, 5’5 guard, Danville KY – D2/NAIA – McPherson has a very long frame for a player her height. Her length and athleticism allow her to play bigger than she is. Good defender; plays passing lanes well. She is another player that doesn’t do anything great, but she does a lot of things very well. Comes from a very good high school program. High basketball IQ. Solid pick up for any NAIA/D2.

Katie Moore, 5’9 guard, Leslie County KY – D2/NAIA/JUCO – Moore eclipsed the 3,000-point mark in January & is Leslie County’s all-time leading scorer. She can shoot the lights out, and also has the ability to get to the rim. I question her athleticism and wonder if it will limit her at the next level, but anyone looking for a player that can come in and score right away should give her a look. Katie has several NAIA/D2 & D3 offers, would consider going JUCO if it was the right fit.

DeAsia Outlaw, 5’11 wing/forward, Henderson County KY – Mid-Major D1 – Outlaw is long, extremely athletic, and hasn’t even almost reached her full potential yet. She uses her athleticism to drive past anyone guarding her and she has a nice mid-range pull up. If she can develop an outside shot, she could become a very dangerous scoring threat at the next level. DeAsia would be a very good pick up for any low to mid D1 program looking for a late steal. Plans on taking visits after HS state tournament. Charleston Southern, Morehead State & Texas State have inquired as of late.

Destiney Williams, 5’6 guard, Riverdale TN – D2/NAIA/JUCO – Williams is a pest on the defensive end, her speed and quickness allow her to stay in front of anyone she is guarding. She has solid handles, a high IQ, and the ability to knock down open threes. Solid pickup as a role player at any non-D1 school.


Amara Ballard, 5’6 guard, DuPont Manual KY – D2/NAIA – Ballard is a quick guard with a thin frame. She is a solid defensive player with good foot speed, quick hands, and a high basketball IQ. Amara has the ability to shoot from mid-range out to the perimeter however lacks confidence in her scoring ability. She will be a good role player for a good D2 or NAIA school.

Kristen Barnes, 5’8 guard, Eagleville TN – D2/NAIA – Barnes has been a good player on a weak team her entire life. She has the ability to score from anywhere on the floor with good range, and solid attacking ability. She has a long frame, decent athleticism, and a high motor as she is always getting rebounds or loose balls. Kristen will be a good D2/NAIA player thanks to her work ethic.

Tia Barnett, 5’8 guard, Warren Central KY – Low D1 – Barnett is very athletic scoring guard. She has the speed & explosiveness to get to the rim against any defender. Her shooting ability has improved as she can now knock down the three consistently. Solid handle. Quick hands on the defensive end. Could be an impact player in a conference like the OVC.

Jazz Bond, 6’3 wing/forward, Blackman TN – High Mid-Major to Low BCS – Bond has a very long frame, improved handles, and can score from the inside and mid-range. If Jazz becomes consistent from 3 she could be a problematic match up at the next level. Although her lack of strength and thin frame raise serious questions on how she will hold up physically. She would be a major steal for any Mid-Major program, but I just don’t know that she improves your standing if you are in a Power 5 conference.

Kaleigh Clemons, 5’7 guard, Chattanooga Baylor TN – High Mid-Major to Low BCS – As I’ve watched Clemmons over the years, she continues to improve. The lefty has a very strong handle, she is very explosive, and has the IQ to see a mismatch and use it. She has great floor vision and could be described as a floor general. I would still like to see her improve her outside shot a little more, and I will not be surprised if that happens. Any good Mid-Major or Low BCS program that wants to take a step forward should look at Clemmons.

Katie Downey, 5’6 guard, North Bullitt KY – Low to Mid D1 – Downey is somewhat of an unknown player, when you just look at her she doesn’t “wow” you. Katie is a very efficient guard, she can step out and shoot the three from NBA range, has a quick handle which allows her to break a press or get to the basket with ease. She is surprisingly athletic and is solid defensively. Low Division 1 programs looking to take a step forward and compete in their conference should definitely make an effort to see Downey.

Ansley Eubank, 5’8 guard, Oakland TN – Low to Mid D1 – Eubank is one of my favorite players to watch, she does all of the “little” things that coaches love. She runs in transition, plays with her head up at all times, knows where her teammates are on the floor, and if there is a loose ball she is on or near it every time. Ansley has a consistent shot from mid range and the perimeter. She does struggle at times to score in the paint. Solid impact player in a lower D1 conference; Very good role player in a good Mid-Major conference.

Madison Faulkner, 5’8 guard/forward, Caverna KY – High D2 to Low D1 – Faulkner is a match up problem at the high school level. She’s too big for a guard to guard her, and can attack too well for a post to guard her. However, her lack of speed and athleticism will limit her at the next level. She is solid from three, and finishes well in the paint. Completely lacks a mid-range game. Madison will be a very good D2 player or a good role player in a lower D1 conference. Will need conditioning.

Shelby Gibson, 6’2 post, Oakland TN – High Mid-Major to Low BCS – Gibson is one of the most skilled bigs that I have seen. Her touch and skill around the basket are unmatched; she has a consistent mid-range shoot, and can occasionally step out and hit the three. Honestly, it’s not even an issue if she has to bring the ball up the floor. The one catch with Shelby could potentially be her foot speed at the next level. I think she can go to a Low BCS school and contribute; she would be a major steal for any Mid-Major program that could get a commit out of her.

I’liyah Green, 6’2 post, Male KY – High Mid-Major – Green has a huge frame & is extremely athletic, but is also very raw. She finishes decent inside and rebounds very well. She was fairly consistent from the free throw line, so her shot isn’t “broke.” I truly believe had she been developed better we would be discussing Green as a definite BCS player. However, that is not the case and she is still very raw. If I am any team outside of the Power 5 conferences I would be after Green immediately, she has the potential to be a big time post player if developed correctly at the next level.

Dasia Kilbourne, 5’6 guard, Franklin County KY – High D2 to Low D1 – I REALLY liked Kilbourne when I saw her last season. I wasn’t quite as impressed this year but I still like her game. She knows how to get to the basket and finish through contact and has a good handle. Dasia has the ability to shoot from the perimeter, and has very impressive passing abilities. She will be a good pickup for a low D1 school but will need some conditioning.

Dejah McClendon, 5’7 guard, Holy Cross Covington KY – Low to Mid D1 – Super athletic, bouncy guard that can get to the rim with ease. She understands how to use her speed and athleticism on the defensive end. Doesn’t really have a strong offensive game, but can score in transition. Has a decent handle, and uses her body to get to the free throw line. Needs to improve her shot, but will be a solid contributor at the next level.

Krys McCune, 6’3 post, DuPont Manual KY – High Mid-Major to Low BCS – McCune’s stock has fallen quite a bit. She is still a big body, with loads of athleticism but I don’t feel as if she has developed the way we thought she would. At times there were talks of Krys being a top 20 player nationally, now I wouldn’t say she is even a top 125 player nationally. I truly believe she still has a ton of potential, but at what point does that potential turn into skill? I do think that if she ends up at the right program, she could end up being very good.

Kahliya Murry, 5’11 forward, Riverdale TN – High D2 to Low D1 – Murry has a long, athletic frame. Her specialty is rebounding; she’s all over the boards on the offensive and defensive end all game long. High motor. Offensive game could use some work. Comes from a good high school program. Kahliya has high upside and has a chance to be good at the next level for a good D2 or lower level D1 school.

Sarah Pierce, 5’7 guard, Community TN – High D2 to Low D1 – Pierce is a solid point guard that knows how to run a team. She has a very high IQ, a good handle and solid passing skills. She doesn’t have great scoring ability from the perimeter, but she can get to the rim and knows where her teammates are at all times. High motor.

Markeia Porter, 5’10 forward, Louisville Eastern KY – Low to Mid D1 – Porter is a bit undersized but she has a strong frame, and that allows her to hold her own inside. She has above average athleticism and has the ability to take defenders off the dribble. Finishes through contact. Rebounds well. Solid defensively. I would like to see her improve her outside game a little bit. Markeia will be a solid contributor at the next level.


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