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USJN Daytona – Mother’s Day Weekend

2016's Jazmine Jones and Tamara Henshaw - College Coaches you can see these 2 at #ATLSummerSlam July 24-26

2016’s Jazmine Jones and Tamara Henshaw – College Coaches you can see these 2 at #ATLSummerSlam July 24-26

Blue Star Florida and USJN teamed up to run an event in Daytona next to the Speedway at a new 4 court facility. For a first year event it was pretty good, featuring the Miami Suns, FGB, Tampa Thunder, Blue Star, G-Nation and North Florida Elite. These 6 organizations accounted for all but 1 team. That said many of the best players in Florida play for these organizations. I was only there for 7 game times and I coached FGB 2019s for 3 of them. Nevertheless I was able to do evals on many players….some I have become quite familiar with. We won’t waste time on committed players and we will give some quick touch points on players we have covered quite a bit in the past.


Tamara Henshaw – 6’1 PF/Post – BlueStar FL – Henshaw is a surefire D-1 player. She’s strong and tough…a physical player. The thing holding her up from being a major national level BCS recruit is that she’s 6’1. Not quite big enough for some coaches. That said some people will like her because what she lacks in BCS post player height, she makes up for with her physicality. She’s got an amazing strong, athletic frame that she uses to snatch rebounds that other players get their hands on. She seals her man offensively with a purpose and uses a nice dropstep move to finish consistently.

Briana Laidler – 6′ PF – BlueStar FL– Laidler has more of a lanky frame than Henshaw with shoulders that aren’t quite as broad. That said she’s still fairly strong. She’s somewhat raw but developing especially since High School, and has continued to be a good shot blocker and rebounder. As a lefty she’s deceptive for defensive players. Mid-Majors and under should definitely keep an eye on her.

Samantha Provenzano – 5’5 SG – BlueStar FL – Samantha is a guard who knows how to play the game. She’s not been blessed with super size or athleticism, but she understands what she can and can’t do, and does the things she can do well, which include shoot the ball.

Courtney Cox – 6′ SF – BlueStar FL – I just came from signing Cox’s HS teammate today, so I know her well having watched her HS teammate many times this season and last. That said Cox is an interesting player to me. If she was 5’9 there wouldn’t be good odds of her being a D-1 player. That said she’s a 6′ kid who can play inside and out. She handles it decent especially in transition. She also shoots it pretty good, especially from 3. She doesn’t possess a lot of lateral quickness, so it will be interesting to see if she can play the 3 in college or the 4. She’s definitely worth taking a look at if you’re in the Asun or SoCon or a similar league.

Yamaris Guevarez – 5’8 CG – FGB – Yaramis is a kid you look at and she just doesn’t appear to be the player that she is. She’s not overly athletic, but she understands the concept of angles on defense, doing a good job of pressuring the ball without getting blown by, a concept often escaping much more agile players. Yamaris can shoot it, handle it, pass it and score it, but what she needs to improve upon especially at the next level is being a vocal leader and leading a team from the PG position. She should definitely be considered a mid-major prospect.

Maddison Wells – 6’1 PF – FGB – Maddison has a great look and body for D-1 basketball. She’s fairly long and athletic, with some guard skills, but definitely a 4 man on the next level. She’s good at the 15 foot range, shooting or driving to score. As a lefty she’s got that added bonus of going the opposite way than most kids. Not sure the level but she will play D-1 somewhere. Needs to get more consistent and confident.

Iggy Allen – 6′ Wing – Miami Suns – Iggy is turning into one of the top prospects in the country in her class. She’s so powerful and dominating, it’s impossible to watch the Suns and not notice her. She’s playing some point guard now with them, and her game is growing, from just all out power and explosiveness to under control. She’s clearly one of the top 2 uncommitted prospects in the state with Jazmine Jones, with some college coaches calling her the #1 prospect. I’m going to call it a tie.

Mikiah Harrigan – 6’3 Wing – Miami Suns – Harrigan is a tough matchup problem from most teams. She’s long and can do something inside, notably grab offensive rebounds and get a putbacks. Her biggest strength is at her size she has guard skills especially the ability to shoot the 3 ball. With her height and shooting skills, she’s undoubtedly a BCS prospect.

Niaya White – 6′ PF – Tampa Thunder Dupree – White doesn’t have the best looking jump shot but she can definitely shoot it from 15 feet to 3point range. She’s got a great basketball build, although not super long or tall, she’s got good size with strength. She was very good in their final game on Friday scoring on jump shots and offensive rebound put backs.

Jazmine Jones – 6′ SG – North Florida Elite – I’ve covered Jones so much, but it’s hard to not want to write about her. She’s an amazing prospect and a future pro. She’s silky smooth and her athleticism is off the charts. The game I saw her, she wasn’t touching the ball as much as I would have liked to see her touch it but her talent level is obvious to any observer. She’s arguably the top 1 or 2 uncommitted prospects in her class in Florida and probably a top 25-50 prospect nationally.


Keaubree Edwards – 5’10 Wing – BlueStar FL – Edwards is a classic tweener. Not yet a guard but not really big enough especially on the college level to be a post player. She’s super athletic and strong which makes her a great rebounder. She’s transitioning to the wing but that processes hasn’t been completed yet.

Spencer Shore – 5’5 CG – G Nation Krome – Shore is a crafty guard who can shoot it from downtown but is more than just a shooter. She’s a gritty competitor, who plays very hard. She’s a good passer in transition and in the half court uses ball fakes to displace defenders and displayed a nice floater which she used over defenders on multiple baseline drives.

Chelsie Hall – 5’9 PG – Miami Suns – Arguably the top PG prospect in the state in her class, Hall was not her usual self in the game I watched this weekend. That said I’ve seen her be absolutely unstoppable in the past. Offensively she can get past any defender and create for herself or others. This was the first time I have ever seen her just coasting.

Keyanna Warthen – 5’11 Wing – Miami Suns Larkins – A really long athlete with long arms, Warthen is great at laying in wait for a lazy pass then picking it off and going coast to coast finishing in a variety of ways. She has the potential to be extremely good, especially if her perimeter shooting becomes deadly.

RiKiah Cowart – 6′ PF – Miami Suns Larkins – Cowart has a big strong frame, that allows her to beast players her own age and younger. She does a great job of sealing with a purpose for inside position then using a nice drop step to finish. At 6′ she will be undersized in the post in some major BCS leagues, so the question will be will she be able to develop some wing skills to play on the perimeter.

Mikayla Thomas – 6’2 Post – Miami Suns Larkins – Thomas is very long and still very thin. She’s got great athleticism for her position though and she does things you would expect her to do well like run, jump, rebound, block shots. I didn’t see her score much but that’s not to say she can’t…she just didn’t when I saw her.

Tameria Johnson – 5’5 PG – FGB – While not at her best this weekend, Tameria is a player I absolutely love.  She’s super fast and explosive, somewhat similar to her 2017 PG colleague Chelsie Hall, in that they are both very hard for defensive players to stay in front of.  She’s great at using her quickness to get to the basket and create for herself or others but the knock on her is that she settles for jump shots too often, something she can fix by becoming a better shooter.  Definitely a BCS prospect and one of the top PGs in the state regardless of class.


Teiyahna Hutchinson – 5’8 CG – FGB – Hutchinson has an amazing basketball body. At 5’8 she’s not too small, and she’s built with just the right amount of strength and muscle to be a bruising physical guard. Not sure how much if any that she lifts weights or does strength training, but she’s built like she’s been in a D1 weight program from 2 or 3 years. She’s a very skilled player already as well. She’s an adapt driver who can dish or score, a willing creator with a scorer’s mentality. High likliehood of being a BCS guard in the future.

Ja’Miah Bland – 6’1 PF – FGB – Bland is going to eventually transition to the wing, but at this point she’s clearly still comfortable scoring around the basket, something that she’s really good at. She’s strong yet lean and very athletic. If she gets near a rebound she’s most likely getting it. The same can be said if she goes up to score near the basket, it’s most likely going in. Going to be a BCS level prospect.

Brittney Smith – 6’3 Post – BlueStar FL – Smith has a really really long frame. She’s thin and lean but with very long arms. During the time I watched she did things you’d expect from a thin 6’3 freshmen…she blocked some shots and grabbed a few boards. She didn’t do anything that blew me away but as she develops the likelihood she becomes a BCS prospect is high especially if her body fills out.

Macee Sugrue – 5’7 SG – BlueStar FL – Sugrue wasn’t a superstar but she was a very good shooter knocking down a few 3’s during the limited time I watched them play with good form and elevation on her shot. I wouldn’t predict a level of play in her future but she was certainly worth noting during my viewing.

Akila Smith – 5’11 WF – BlueStar FL – Smith a long lanky athlete who more than looks the part. She used her athleticism to grab rebounds and outlet the ball up the floor. She wasn’t amazing but she did things that made her noteworthy in this setting.

Kharis Idom – 5’6 CG – BlueStar FL – Kharis does a great job reading passing lanes and picking off passes. She finishes in a variety of ways and knows how to effectively put the ball off the glass. Also worthy of note was that she made multiple good reads as a PG coming off a ball screen.

Erin Guitierrez – 5’6 CG – Miami Suns Larkins – A young player with high basketball IQ, Erin is a very good shooter and is a surprisingly good finisher. She uses different spin and finishes from different angles in transition.

Ariel Young – 6′ Wing – North Florida Elite – Easily one of the best 2018 players at the event, Young is a definite BCS prospect. She’s already an amazing athlete with a great basketball body. She’s a little bit on the raw side, but she has a huge upside with loads of potential. She’s got a nice jumper especially in the mid-range and she finishes very well in the uptempo game.

Rachel Hagans – 5’5 CG – Tampa Thunder – I didn’t get to see a lot of Hagans but from what little I did see I was impressed. She’s got a solid strong athletic frame especially for such a young player. She was great on drives to the rim finishing under control through contact.


Jasmine Quaterman – 6′ Post/Wing – BlueStar FL – We wrote about Quaterman and the other BSF 2019 kids at the PSC 100, so just touching on her again, she’s a great athlete, long arms. In Daytona she showed off a baby hook which is something I didn’t see in Tampa.

Constance Thomas – 5’6 CG – BlueStar FL – Thomas another standout from the PSC event in early April showed us we didn’t overstate her abilities. She’s a great finisher, with a tough gritty competitive streak to her. She’s got great athleticism and moves very well with the ball.

Morgan Beacham – 5’6 CG – BlueStar FL – Possibly a little overshadowed on this team with so many great players, Beacham (to me) has a chance to be the best of the bunch. She’s appears to have a humble demeanor (although I could be wrong), and is more than willing to share the ball with her teammates. She’s a great passer and has great hands, particularly on the defensive end. Her offensive game is polished, she’s good good handles, but she’s only going to grow from where she’s currently at.

Reyanna Jones – 5’8 CG – FGB – There was little doubt that ReyRey was the best 2019 at this event. Unbelievably talented Rey has the body of a much older player. She’s got great handles to go along with an amazing change of speed and change of direction. She’s got amazing body control which compliments her strength and athleticism. To me personally there is little doubt she’s a top 25 caliber recruit in her class in the country.

Maria Alvarez – 5’8 SG – FGB – Hardly a second fiddle, Maria was easily one of the best shooters regardless of class at the event. But as we have said from as far back as 2 high school seasons ago, Maria is more than just a great shooter. She’s got great handles, decent athleticism, and an amazing feel for the game. Going to be a top 100 caliber player in her class.

Kiya Turner – 5’9 SG – FGB – Kiya isn’t a complete player yet. Her shot and her overall game is still a little bit raw. She’s got the overall feel for what she’s doing though and in time, through practice and hard work she’s going to be a BCS level recruit. She’s got great size and athleticism for the 2 guard spot.

Brylee Bartram – 5’9 SG – Tampa Thunder – Already with great size at her position, Bartram has a great feel for the game and understands how to move without the ball. She’s deadly anytime a team loses her defensively. She hit 14 3’s combined in 2 games and shot well over 50% from 3 point range. She’s arguably the best shooter I’ve seen nationally in the 2019 class.


Kyndall Thomas – 5’5 CG – North Florida Elite – Regardless of class Thomas is one of the top Middle School ballers in the southeast. She’s got great handles, a very high basketball IQ and she’s got great body control. She knows how to get a defender off balance then go by them. She’s unstoppable in the open floor and she can break a press by herself. A surefire BCS prospect.


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