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Battle of the Boro Fall Event

chyna anthony

2017 Chyna Anthony of Indiana is a raw but powerful inside presence

Approximately 50 club teams from the mid-south descended upon the Franklin Fieldhouse in central TN during what maybe the last fall eval period, for college coaches to get one last look before high school begins.

Our own Zach Banks (Twitter – @Igotbanks) takes a look at a number of standouts from each age division.

Tiffany Smith- 2017, 6’2 , Ashland City TN- Cheatham Co High School.

6’2 post player with great touch, Tiffany is a long athletic post player that can switch out and guard other position players. A great attribute about her game is that she works early for great position, can step out and shoot the ball with confidence, and last she is a excellent shot blocker.

Kennedy Igo-2020- MT. Sterling KY- Montgomery Co.

Unbelievable young guard, this girl right here can really shoot the basketball, Igo is a tremendous skilled player that does everything right, great court vision and really understands the defensive side of the ball. From what I saw she was the floor leader. College coaches get ready for this talent.

Mikayla Kinnard-2019-Louisville KY- Eastern High School.

Mikayla is a very long athletic forward, this kid can play the 3-5 position just on her athleticism alone. She plays mostly around the rim and can finish with both hands. Showed that she had a mid-range game. I would like to see her more demanding for the ball. But still a young kid and the sky is the limit for her.

Joelle Johnson-2019-Louisville KY- Male High School.

Joelle is one of the most physical player I watched this weekend. The way she rebounded on both ends really caught my eye. For a post player she has really good feet and is quick so she can get to the rim and finish with both hands. Quick leaper grabs a lot of boards.

Macy Turley-2018-Mayfield KY- Murray High School.

Macy is that player coached want to have, just that gritty never give up type of player. She can get up and defend her tail off. On the offensive end she has a smooth stroke from anywhere on the floor.

Blair Green-2018-Harlan KY- Harlan County High School.

Blair is an all-around great player she just does everything great, she can shoot at a consistent percentage, she finds the open player, and never try’s to do too much. And on the defensive end she is a long arm defender so she tends to always be around the ball. Just a player that coaches would want to have.

Celeste Akoro- 2017-Ofallen IL- Ofallen Township High School

Celeste is a body college coaches look for, She’s a big physical post that doesn’t shy away from contact. She showed this weekend that she can really rebound the basketball, on the offensive end she puts herself in great position to rebound by working early. Shot blocker and basket protector.

Lindsey Duvall- MT. 2017 Washington KY- Bullit East High School

Duvall is a player that should be on all the college coaches’ radar for this year, she is an unbelievable talent on the basketball floor. She is a silky smooth player with great athleticism, an amazing passer on the offensive end. Defensive side of the ball she just makes play’s to help her team win.

Carzis Echols-2016-Memphis TN-Kingsbury High School

Colleges if you need a shooter this is your girl, the game I watched Carzis hit 5 threes to lead her team to a win. She wasn’t just a stand in the corner type of shooter, she moved well without the ball to find her open shot. Not only can she shoot she can defend on the other end.

Chyna Anthony-2017-New Albany IN- New Albany High School

Chyna has unbelievable raw talent, her athleticism is through the roof, a 6’0 post player that can run rim to rim as fast as anyone on the floor. Jumping ability was crazy, some of the rebounds I saw she got up there. Finished with both hands, would love to see her develop a 15 footer. But she works her tail off when on the floor.

Gracie Simpson- 2018- Nashville TN- Lipscomb Academy

Shooooooter right here, unbelievable range for Gracie. When she crosses half court you better get up on her cause she is in range from anywhere. She has a very quick and smooth delivery but she can also hit that mid- range pull up with ease. Just a great all around basketball player, very high IQ.

Kynadi Kuykendoll- 2019- Memphis TN- Central High School

Strong, physical, gritty type of guard that is how I describe this athlete. Kynadi just gives it 110% when she is on the floor. Can really get to the rim with her speed, can shoot the three ball and my favorite is that she gets on the offensive and defensive glass. Can really jump for her size. Lock down defense too.

Juilette Smith- 2019- Georgetown KY- Scott County High School

A very high IQ point guard, can really see the floor and see’s what the defense gives her. Very tough guard to press, can beat a press by herself. Has a smooth stroke from behind and inside the arch. Great court vision and see’s the open player. Sometimes she can be to passive which isn’t a bad thing, but with a shot like hers she needs to let it fly sometimes. Solid defensive player.

Mashayla Cecil- 2018- Lexington KY- Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

Point guard that can really shoot the ball. The game I watched she hit six threes and they were off the dribble and step back three’s. Has a good mid-range game. Very Quick feet on the defensive side of the ball. Can keep the ball in front of her.

Alasia Hayes- 2020- Murfreesboro TN- Christiana Middle School

This young girl is the real deal, 8th grader playing up on the top team playing against seniors in high school. This kid has range for days, can really handle the ball and get to the rim. Very crafty when she gets around the rim and can finish on both sides of the rim. She is going to be a stud when it’s all said and done. Coaches better write her name down because you don’t want to miss her.

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