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Judgement Day Eval Camp – Sorden Davis Recaps


2020 Caitlin McGee; 2018 Shania Edgecombe & 2019 Dyman Howard; 2019 Tia Robinson & 2017 Airneisha Gamble; 2017 Erianna Campbell w/ coach McDonald; 2017 Savanna Walker; 2020 Amari Wright & 2022 Rylee Texter; 2017-2019 Group

Jacksonville, FL – Our own Sorden Davis recaps the event.


Jasmine Aviles – 2017 – Crawfordville, FL, Wakulla HS – 5’10” – Runs the floor and will get easy buckets.

Erianna Campbell – 2017 – Brunswick, GA, Glynn Academy – 5’8” – Has good shooting stroke but shot is flat footed and needs a higher lift, attempts to thread needle with passes, can get to the rim. Low D1-D2 Prospect.

Airneisha Gamble – 2017 – Gainesville, FL, The Rock – 5’3” – Directs traffic, uses screens, attacks basket, can get to rim, uses probe dribble, solid defender, very active, drove man into block, high motor, hustles on both ends of the floor. D1 Prospect.

Bria McGirth – 2017 – Brunswick, GA, Glynn Academy HS – 5’9” – Confident in shooting range, has good hands but not much of a scorer. Can make the 3 and anticipate the block defensively.

Ke’Yondra Merritt – 2017 – Jacksonville, FL, William M Raines – 5’11” – Decent footwork, made put back crashing the lane.

Savanna Walker – 2017 – Pooler, GA, Woodville Thompkins HS – 5’6” – Mid range scorer, needs to improve shot coming off screen, can get to the basket off the dribble attack, makes late 3, gets to the line and makes FTs. Coachable – really took to the attack based skill work.

Anna Arato – 2018 – Fernandina Beach, FL, Fernandina Beach HS – 5’9” – Tweener player(big wing/small post), can shoot mid-range but will try to get into paint, can bring the ball up the court against pressure without a turnover, comes out to play defense, challenges the passing lanes, has good footwork.

Asia Bacon – 2018 – Brunswick, GA, Glynn Academy HS – 5’4” – Scrappy kid who makes a lot of hustle plays.

Courtney Baker – 2018 – Melbourne, FL, Covenant Christian – 5’3” – Decent ball handle, good post entry passer off the drive, good upside but not a lot of time left, must improve ball handling & aggression, has good offensive instinct, needs to get stronger, got to the line but must make FTs. 

Clarissa Duebel – 2018 – Tarpon Springs, FL, Tarbon Springs HS – 5’10” – Long, big guard, has good footwork, good in the dribble drive, looks a bit slow, makes shots, needs to shot more.

Shania Edgecombe – 2018 – Jacksonville, FL, Jean Ribault HS – 6’0” – Smart, athletic player with a high motor, and good footwork. Sets screens (and rolls), blocks away from the basket, calls for the ball, will put the ball on the floor and try to take man off the dribble. Has low post moves, can score in paint, catches the ball and keeps it high. D1 Prospect.

Fabiana Limongi – 2018 – Tampa, FL, Bayshore Christian School – 5’5” – Very good euro style passer with deep shooting range and the confidence to match, and good footwork. Very coachable.

Rachel Hagans – 2018 – Tampa, FL, Tampa Catholic – 5’5” – Has quick feet.

Dyani Sheppard – 2018 – Micanopy, FL, PK Yonge – 5’10” – Nice size and good hands, can catch and finish in the paint through traffic. Player to keep an eye out for.

Jasmine Spencer – 2018 – Gainesville, FL, PK Yonge HS – 5’5” – Made deep 3, good vision and ability to hit open man. Player to keep an eye out for.

Terra Barron – 2019 – Land O Lakes, FL, Sunlake HS – 6’1” – Spins and pivots well in the post, has good body control for big size, must box out.

Aniyah Foster – 2019 – Palatka, FL, Pedro Menedez HS – 5’2” – Not very explosive but can make open lay ups, made strong drive to basket then got fouled on make and made free throw.

Isabella Hernandez-Gonzalez – 2019 – Jacksonville, FL, Bishop Kenny  HS – 5’7” – Protects the ball and sees the floor well, calm & patient decision maker when passing, and keeps moving without the ball.

Dyman Howard – 2019 – Palm Coast, FL, Palm Coast HS – 5’5” – Good ball handling and footwork, has a quick release, soft touch passer, and can shoot.

Char’da Hutchinson – 2019 – Savannah, GA, Woodville Thompkins HS – 5’6” – Deceptive player, can play with back to the basket (and back you down like Gary Payton), can beat man of dribble and get to the rim, made college 3, and fights for rebounding position with bigger players. 

Janiah Jones – 2019 – Savannah, GA, Woodville Thompkins HS – 5’8” – Can make the shot attempt underneath the basket with contact but needs to get stronger.

Chloe McInerney – 2019 – Neptune Beach, FL, Bishop Kenny HS – 6’0” – Can play defensively in and out but does not command the ball offensively.

Lindsay Miller – 2019 – Jacksonville Beach, FL, Bishop Kenny – 5’7” – Can finish with contact.

Alexandrya Myers – 2019 –  Tampa, FL, Bayshore Christian – Has a nice spin move to create own open shot off of long rebound, protects the ball and can draw fouls, has strength to make the cross court skip pass but not the accuracy. D1 Prospect.

Denaesia Pollard – 2019 – Jacksonville, FL, Bishop Kenney HS – 5’11” – Has very soft hands, can make contested lay ups, gets rebound and looks to start fast break, must play through “no calls”. Project.

Kaiya Riley-Guzman – 2019 – Gainesville, FL, The Rock – 5’9” – Does the little things that don’t show up on the box score to have an impact. Has good court awareness, set a great screen to give teammate an open layup in the half court, dove on ground for a loose ball.

Tia Robinson – 2019 – Fleming Island, FL, Fleming Island HS – 5’8” – Pretty good transition passer, avoids contact, Attacks the rim (will get to line & make free throws), got rebound under the basket and took it coast to coast. D1 prospect

Algeria Scott – 2019 – Savannah, GA, Woodville Thompkins – 5’6” – Made a contested 3.

Kiya Turner – 2019 – Saint Augustine, FL, Nease HS – 5’5” – Doesn’t take long to go into attack mode, can score transition bucket, passes on a zip line, plays defense, makes basketball play. D1 Prospect.

Antalazia Baker – 2020 – Savannah, GA, Woodville Thompkins – 5’8” – Decent footwork, slashes lane and attacks the rim, nice mid-range shot, makes attempts at rim. Made a decent bank shot off the dribble after going coast to coast then getting fouled on the shot. D1 Prospect.

Anna Bradley – 2020 – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Bishop Kenny HS – 5’8” – Nice size, smooth Lamar Odom type player, can shoot the 3, goes to work around the elbow. Project. Keep on radar.

Channing Chappell – 2020 – Ponte Verdra Beach, FL, Bishop Kenny HS – 5’5” – Moves the ball well, swished a 3, very coachable- used skill work session in games, decent shooting from off the dribble, strokes the 3 regularly when hot, patient & works progressions. Player to watch.

Courtni Demorest – 2020 – Riverview, FL, Progress Village Middle Magnet – 5’5” – Long, defends, must make bunnies.

Anteria Evans – 2020 – Hastings, FL, Pedro Menedez HS – 4’11” – Good ball handling & decision making, runs lanes in transition, scored in traffic at close range with contact, needs to develop a power dribble. D2 Prospect.

Tarriyonna Gary – 2020 – Brooksville, FL, Carrollwood Day School – 5’7” – Good use of angles, quick first step.

Mikaila Harrison – 2020 – Ruskin, FL, Lennard High School – 5’4” – Can knock down open shot. Needs to improve shooting mechanics- more lift on shot, keep eye on basket, and follow through.

Chancelor Lee – 2020 –  Jacksonville, FL, Oakleaf HS – 5’5” – Has an athletic build, made 3 but has funny form, needs to be more aggressive.

Cara McCarthy – 2020 – Jacksonville, FL, Bishop Kenny HS – 5’8” – Good shooting form, in every rebounding play, moves the ball well.

Caitlin McGee – 2020 – Jacksonville, FL, Sandalwood HS – 6’1” – Decent ball handles, doesn’t shy away from contact, can put ball on floor and get to rim, goes for blocks, scores around the rim, doesn’t take extra wasted dribbles, efficient. D1 Prospect.

Dajah Oden – 2020 – Orange Park, FL, Oakleaf HS – 5’9” – Rebounds own missed shot but misses putbacks, Patient with ball when catches at elbow, good vision, went baseline to rim with head down and missed shot, has good footwork from elbow to basket but too many misses at rim, raw. Project.

Megan Watson –  2020 – Plant City, FL, Strawberry Crest – 5’7” – Athletic but unpolished player, has decent footwork, can finish with contact, can score in traffic off balance, uses body well, has a Lebron power drive to basket, slashing scorer who must improve defensively. Project. D1 Prospect keep your eyes on her.

Amari Wright – 2020 – Jacksonville, FL, Sandalwood HS – 5’6” – Decent ball handles, rebounds and immediately finds open man, athletic recovery defender, okay passer, looked comfortable shooting off the dribble. High motor. D1 Prospect.

Aryana Dizon – 2021 – Hudson, FL, Carrollwood Day School – 6’1” – Plays upright but can shoot well off the dribble, keeps ball high, can come out to play.

Keyarra Henderson – 2021 – Land O Lakes, FL, Incarnation Catholic School – 5’6” – Has an athletic build, plays around the pinch post- catches the ball in the pinch and opens up to the action, needs to improve footwork (flat footed), and must learn to protect the ball.

Michel Rivera – 2021 – New Port Richey, FL, Gulf Middle/Gulf High – 5’6” – Long, has good hands, must improve footwork, and must run out ahead off the defense in transition and not with the traffic.

Avery Cannon – 2022 – Middleburg, FL, Lakeside Junior High – 5’5” – Needs to get stronger (core strength), and ability to sustain basketball stance.

BrieAnn Hanley – 2022 – Parrish, FL, Parrish MS – 5’6” – Decent basketball IQ, comfortable in paint,  (will post, pivot, replace, spin) makes post defender work, has no outside shot – looks uncomfortable out there, raw player, Ben Wallace type. Project.

Maddie Millar – 2022 – Amelia Island, FL, Fernandina Beach MS – 5’6” – Moves the ball well, looks ahead to push tempo on the break, will get into passing lanes defensively, strokes the 3 when hot, protects the ball well, would be vicious with a step back, good scoring IQ.

Denver Spaulding – 2022 – Lecanto, FL, Lecanto MS – 4’10” – small & young but has decent shot for age & size.

Rylee Texter – 2022 – New Port Richey, FL, River Ridge MS – 4’10” – Solid ball handler who can go baseline past defenders & pass out of trouble, can finish with contact in transition at the rim, very small but plays big, and talks too. Has a very high motor – rebounds, goes after loose balls, goes for steals, and makes 2nd effort plays. D1 Prospect.

Eva Wilson – 2022 – Tampa, FL, Webb Middle School – 5’1” – Will pull from deep.

Keyuloni Henderson – 2023 – Land O Lakes, FL, Incarnation Catholic School – 4’9” – small and young, must improve ball handling, footwork, and decision making but did well despite being one of the youngest players there. 

Leah Barnes – 2024 – Wesley Chapel, FL, Seven Oaks – 5’3” – Fearless, gritty, will box out bigger players, can make shot off the dribble, will attack basket if defender is off balance, must improve defense.

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