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WBB Legend Kym Hampton, 2021 Janayshia Brown & her Father Marcus Brown


Asia Blount – 2017 – Northampton HS, PA – P – Gets defensive rebounds, solid defender, works on both ends of the floor, clean up scorer, can get shot off in the post, has a good IQ. Has scored 1000 points in 3 high school seasons. D1 Prospect.

Mckenzie Miers – 2017 – Easton HS, PA – P – Goes after rebounds (hunts down rebound), catches then ball and immediately goes to work, good vision passer, listens to coach for direction, can shoot and score a variety of ways, got a block then took it coast to coast for the assist, very polished player. D1 Prospect. Boston University commit.

Hannah Fenstermacher – 2018 – Brandywine Heights HS, PA – G – Moves the ball well, good passers, has deep 3-pt shooting range, can score in bunches and won game MVP. D1 Prospect.

Jabarria Brown – 2019 – Eastside HS, Paterson, NJ – CG – Good at applying defensive pressure on the ball, has good decision making, can beat man off the dribble, will stay engaged in plays after misses, protects the ball well with dribble, can make pull up jumper in transition. D1 Prospect.

Victoria Keenan – 2019 – Northampton HS, PA – G – Crafty guard who make three’s and pass well.  D2 Prospect.

Giah Moore – 2019 – Catasauqua HS, Northampton PA – P – Raw, tweener (big wing/undersized post), best mid-range shooter on the floor today, visibly comfortable & confident mid-range shooter, will attack the basket when she gets going, took an entire 1st half to get going, was different more significant player in the 2nd. D2 Prospect.

Asha Talib – 2019 – Allen HS, Allentown PA – G – Deep shooting range, can beat defender off dribble, can finish at rim with contact, has a wicked shovel pass, will draw attention of extra defenders then make pass to open teammate, made 4 clutch free throws to secure the overtime win. D1 Prospect.

Janayshia Brown – 2020 – The Peddie School, Lehigh Valley, PA – W/SF – Pretty good three point shooter, opened up the game with 7 straight, went 9-for-11 from 3-Pt range. Can beat guard off the dribble, good ball handle for size. D1 Prospect.

Jihnez Hutchinson – 2020 – Northampton HS, PA – Needs to improve shooting.

Izzy Rosario – 2020 – Liberty HS, Bethlehem PA – G – Quick, pushes the tempo & pulls out in transition, scrappy, feisty, active, attacks the basket, will go for ball when big’s bring it down to her eye level. Goes for steals, rebounds, run outs, and loose balls. Brings energy, and has tremendous upside will not be the same player in 2-3 years. D2/D3 Prospect.

Devon Corvia – 2021 – Parkland MS, PA – Doesn’t shy away from contact, draws fouls, and a solid defender.

Erin Eisenhart – 2021 – Northeast MS, Bethlehem, PA – Plays well in the screen & roll situations and gets to the foul line to create 3 point plays.

Jada McCullough – 2021 – Postlewait MS, Camden, DE – An active defender who has good footwork, can create lanes to basket with ball skills, plays with back to basket, and can make the 3.

Janel Moore – 2021 – Saddle River Day School, NJ – CG – HS GAME: Good vision passer, made deep three. MS Game: Aggressive on both ends of the floor, got a lot of steals and made the run out lay-up, shares/moves the ball well, must improve passing coming off of screens, made clutch bucket at rim and hit a big three at the end to secure the win and MVP. D1 Prospect.

Chardae Stone – 2021 – Northeast MS, Bethlehem, PA – Has good footwork, moves the ball well, and can make step back jumper.

Ava Toone – 2021 – Packer Collegiate Prep, Brooklyn, NY  – W – HS GAME: Solid rebounder who will box out shooter, has nice size, must improve passing. MS GAME: Tall, long, with nice size, comfortable playing inside and out, boxes out, catches rebound & keeps ball high, goes back up with offensive rebounds, moves the ball well, defends multiple positions, goes up strong in the blocks, and makes free throws. D1 Prospect.

Taylin White – 2021 – Whitehall MS, PA – Gets rebounds and protects the ball well.

Ashley Young – 2021 – Parkland MS, PA – Has very good court awareness.

Antonia Bates – 2022 – St. Janes, Easton, PA – Good passer, with high arching shot, will post up bigger defenders, and defends.

Kayla Beckford – 2022 – Gifted & Talented, Paterson, NJ – Attacks the basket early, makes free throws, okay handles but needs improvement.

Raegan Cooper – 2022 – Notre Dame MS, Bethlehem, PA – A shooter who rebounds.

Saniyah Glenn – 2022 – St. Teresa School, Cumberland, PA – Hustles and directs traffic, gets steals, must improve decision making and ball handling, has a pretty good up and under move.

Naomi Knight – 2022 – Macungie MS, PA – Good ball handler.

Zoe Brooks – 2023 – Holy Savior Academy, South Plainfield, NJ – Has good footwork, makes transition buckets, gets fouled on shot attempts, single-handedly engineered teams comeback win, deceptive athleticism.

Yari Fernandez – 2023 – Nazareth MS, PA – Can get to the line when aggressive, patient player who picks spots to attack wisely.

Leah Harmon – 2023 – School 15, Clifton, NJ – Puts body into defender on drives to the basket, gets to the rim, doesn’t give up defensively. Unselfish passer, doesn’t give up defensively, very skilled. D1 Prospect.

Zari Lewis – 2023 – I.S. 61, NYC –  Has good vision, plays like a big wing, decent footwork, solid ability to handle the ball, crashes the boards constantly, uses size well to score around the basket, stays engaged defensively.

Madi Szoke – 2023 – Gets rebounds, gets steals, pushes the tempo.

Ruby Miller – 2024 – Northeast MS, PA – Reliable; makes open shots regularly.img_8932img_8932


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