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She Got Game Recap – Part 1


Top Left clockwise – TRC Academy Aerial Wilson pulls up for a jumper vs Madison Lowery of TPLS; (middle) Elizabeth Martino of National Christian elevates between 2 Monacan defenders including Megan Walker; South Carolina signee LaDazhia Williams handles the ball in transition vs. Wise; She Got Game logo; Gabriella Zapata-Smalls of Life Center shoots a free throw while Imani Lewis and Anissa Rivera of RCCA wait to rebound; Celeste Taylor of LuHi strokes a 3 over a Boca Raton defender; Paul VI lines up to shake hands after taking down South Shore

DMV – The She Got Game Classic has grown into one of the biggest High School events in the country.  This year’s version featured 117 teams from the US and Canada playing over a 3 day period at 7 different venues.  Over 100 different college coaches attended and it was a who’s who of evaluators with many of the big names in wbb media on hand including Dan Olson of CGBR/ESPN, Bret McCormick of ASGR, Joe Fenelon of NYGHoops/Blue Star, Kevin Lynch/Mark Lewis/Lisa Bodine/Travis Ponton of Blue Star, Meri Davis/Lamont Taylor of Get Me Recruited, Harry Elifison of Pass, Al Schell of 695Hoops, Tink Butler of Next Sports Phenom, Jason Key of Premier Basketball Report, Derrick McKeiver of Tri-State Media, Lonnie Hill of G-Thing Basketball, the crew of PSB, and of course the guru Basketball Bob Corwin.  Surely I left someone out, and if I did, my apologies. 

Let’s get into the basketball.  With such a large event and it being so spread out it was absolutely impossible to cover everything. 

My schedule was – 

Friday nite – 

National Christian vs Monacan at St. John’s College HS

Then drove over to Wise for Riverdale Baptist vs McEachern

Saturday –

Spent the whole day at Wise, got a good look at almost everyone who played there.

Sunday – 

Started the day at Gwynn Park watching the international teams and NJ prep schools

Then cruised back to Wise to see Paul VI vs Mary Louis and Forest Trail vs Rock Creek Christian

The Top 10 Teams – 

These teams stood out at the event as the top 10.  This list is not for their body of work during the year just a combination of how they looked, their players, and how they fared at She Got Game.  With 117 teams, this was a hard choice picking just 10. There were a number of teams who had a great case that didn’t make the list.  Bob Corwin collaborated over a post event dinner at Chipotle. 

  1. Paul VI (VA) – Went 2-0. Blew out Mary Louis (NY) on day 3 in the 30 point range.  It was a 26-22 game when Paul VI went on a huge run 24-0 to close the half.  Ashley Owusu was unstoppable all weekend.  If it’s possible for her stock to go up, it did.  On Saturday, PVI looked beatable vs South Shore (NY), going down 10 or so before unheralded seniors Rayna Barbour & Kayla Henderson brought them back going on an 8-0 run themselves.  

  2. Monacan (VA) – I only saw them Friday nite, but in what Bob and I felt was the best game of the event, they opened with a barrage of Megan Walker mid range baskets, going up 31-10 versus National Christian, then held off the uber talented NCA team for the win.  I didn’t see them on Saturday but word was they beat a good Cathedral (MA) team.  

  3. National Christian (MD) – Although they got blown out early vs Monacan, they pulled it together and came back so decisively in the 3rd quarter, that most in the gym, thought they would win.  Beat Mastery Charter (PA) the next day.  

  4. St. Frances (MD) – Beat 2 good teams in NW Guilford (NC) and Boca Raton (FL).  It would have been good to see the loaded St. Frances team compete with some of elite teams in the event, as they certainly have the talent and ability. 

  5. Forest Trail (NC) – Won 2 games on Friday and Saturday against Tech Academy (ON) and Suffolk Academy (VA) handily.  On Sunday really impressed with a win over Rock Creek Christian (MD). Delaney Rudd maybe one of the top HS coaches in the country and 2019 Kristen Deans is a rising star.  Played without 2 of their best players. 

  6. South Shore (NY) – The only team in our ranking that had a losing record (0-1).  They had PVI on the ropes all game, and could have definitely won.  Only a few lapses kept them from knocking off the current #1 team in the country.  Earlette Scott and the Philoxy sisters gave PVI all they could handle.   

  7. TPLS Academy (VA) – Anyone who was at Providence Day Super Scrimmage or sat near me on Sunday (Yaw, Joe Fenelon, Ro Russel), knows how much I love TRC Academy in Ontario.  I really think they have 5-6 big time prospects.  Although I only watched TPLS 1 time, the fact that they went 3-0 and beat TRC and a very good Bill Corothers (ON) team, is why I gave them the nod over some of the other very good teams.  Coach Mike has some very nice players especially scrappy PG 2018 Jennifer Davis, 6’2 2018 shooter Madison Lowery, ODU signee Janeen Camp as well as 2018 6’4 Rachel Stovall. 

  8. Blair (NJ) – Won 2 games beating Bishop O’Connell (VA) and Durham Elite (ON) solidly. Scrappy team with good prospects, especially 2018s PG Erica Martinsen, SF Sydney Brown & Post Onome Okinbode-James.  Despite it being their first year together they have good chemistry.    

  9. Rock Creek Christian (MD) – Played arguably one of the toughest schedules at the event with only 7 players, beating an extremely talented Kings Christian of Toronto on Friday nite then taking down a good Life Center (NJ) by a decent margin before running out of gas on Sunday vs. Forest Trail. 

  10. Riverdale Baptist (MD) – It took overtime for them to take down McEachern (GA) on Friday night and then they beat ArchBishop Wood on Saturday going 2-0 at the event with a handful of D1 prospect on their roster led by 2018 post Rochelle Norris.  

HM – Bishop McNamara (MD), LuHi (NY), Kings Christian (ON), NW Guilford (NC), Neumann-Goretti (PA), Lakewood Ranch (FL), TRC Academy (ON), Boca Raton (FL), St. Anthony’s (NY), Good Counsel (MD)

The Top Unsigned Seniors – 

At every event I try to show the top unsigned players some love because there are always a few who are good enough to play scholarship basketball but are still unsigned for some reason.  Here’s a few that showed enough ability to earn a scholarship somewhere – 

  • Samantha Guccia – 6’2 Post – Bill Corothers (ON) 
  • Lynette Taitt – 5’6 PG – Bishop Loughlin (NY)
  • Jasmine Keitt – 6’2 Post – Coppin Academy (MD)
  • Daija Moses – 5’10 Wing – Durham Elite (ON)
  • Maya Riley 5’8 CG – Good Counsel (MD)
  • Amani Ball – 5’10 Wing – NCA (MD)
  • Minika Glenn – 5’8 CG – Neumann-Goretti (PA)
  • Chanel Belton – 5’5 PG – Riverdale Baptist (MD)
  • Tsahai Corbie – 5’7 SG – South Shore (NY)
  • Mie Hoff – 6’ SG – Tech Titans Academy (ON)

The Top Signed/Committed Seniors – 

Everyone who is heavily involved in WBB/GBB knows many of these names already but most were the stars of their teams so they deserve some mention. In no particular order – 

  • Rachel Levy – Boca Raton (FL) – Harvard
  • Adrianne Hagood – Elizabeth Seton (MD) – Sacred Heart
  • Lindsey Pulliam – Good Counsel (MD) – Northwestern
  • LaDazhia Williams – Lakewood Ranch (FL) – South Carolina
  • Megan Walker – Monacan (VA) – UConn
  • Alex Parson – Monacan (VA) – Richmond
  • Mykea Gray – NCA (MD) – Miami
  • Olivia Martino – NCA (MD) – Lafayette
  • Chyna Nixon – Neumann-Goretti (PA) – Ole Miss
  • Ashley Jones – Neumann-Goretti (PA) – West Virginia
  • Mikayla Vaughn – Paul VI (VA) – Notre Dame
  • Selena Philoxy – South Shore (NY) – Seton Hall
  • Janeen Camp – TPLS (VA) – ODU

Part 2 coming tomorrow as I take a look at some of the top 2018-2021 players at the event…stay tuned!!

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