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She Got Game Recap – Part 2


Top Left clockwise – She Got Game Logo; 2019 Jaida Patrick of LuHi (NY); 2021 Shayeann Day-Wilson of Crestwood (ON); 2018 Earlette Scott of South Shore (NY); 2019 Cayla King of NW Guilford (NC); 2019 Kristen Deans of Forest Trail (NC); 2019 Laeticia Amihere of Kings Christian (ON)

DMV – In part 1 we looked at the top teams and top signed and unsigned seniors.  In part 2 we take a look at some of the top underclassmen at the event.  Some of these players are well known, while others are like 2021 Shayeann Day-Wilson and 2019 Laeticia Amihere of Canada are at least somewhat new to the scene.

The Top Underclassmen – 

Since this was such a large event with so many top teams, I will break it down by class, again in no particular order with some brief notes – 

2018 – 

Zenzele Apesemaka-Vital – 5’7 CG – Bishop McNamara – Physically explosive guard, nice shake and bake handles and the ability to make great passes to open teammates.  Over-powered Bishop Loughlin on Saturday.  

Onome Okinbode-James – 6’3 PF/W – Blair Academy (NJ) – Showed some basic perimeter skills, combined with a very long athletic frame Okinbode-James has a big upside.  

Erica Martinsen – 5’11 PG – Blair Academy (NJ) – A point guard with great size at the position, Martinsen is the floor general of a good Blair team.  Can shoot the ball well enough and has a fairly quick release. 

Christina Morra – 6’3 Post – Kings Christian (ON) – A big strong post player Morra is physical and does a good job of gaining position and sealing her man on the low block.  She has good hands and finished consistently around the basket. 

Imani Lewis – 6’1 PF – Life Center (NJ) – In the 2 games I watched the lefty Lewis she displayed a physical presence and was able to score in a variety of ways, including posting up, driving to the basket, mid range and hit a 3 ball or 2. Big, strong and versatile makes her one of the top 2018s not only in the event but also at her position nationally. 

Amani Free – 5’11 WF – LuHi (NY) – Displayed the ability to get to the basket. Free is a long athletic slasher, who utilized different moves to score against Boca Raton.  Has good form on her shot and can make them from long range. 

Jordan Nixon – 5’10 PG – Mary Louis (NY) – Slashing PG who got to the rim and made plays for Mary Louis.  Elevates on her jumper.  Has those NYC handles and dropped dimes in transition.  

Chanel Wilson – 5’6 PG – McEachern (GA) – Crafty guard with explosive first step, good handles, scored in a variety of ways including long range and on moves to the basket.  Was arguably McEachern’s best player this weekend. 

Nia Clouden – 5’8 PG – St. Frances (MD) – The Panther’s top player, Clouden can really go when she wants to.  Had numerous dimes in traffic, setting Mia Davis and Angel Reese up for easy baskets. Can really stroke the 3 ball. 

Honesty Scott-Grayson – 5’10 PG – Paul VI (VA) – Athletic PG with great size at the position, really elevates especially with her mid range game, and is more than willing to get her teammates the ball in places they can score from. 

Rochelle Norris – 6’3 Post – Riverdale Baptist (MD) – Strong physical post player, Norris did a good job sealing her man, especially in the hi-lo sets that Riverdale ran.  Did a good job of finishing plays.  

Noo’Taleah Washington – 5’9 PG – RCCA (MD) – High IQ player who when she’s on is a serious threat from 3 point range and deep.  Can get to the rim and knows how to use her body to draw contact.  Can really score the ball, a producer.  

Earlette Scott – 5’10 Wing/G – South Shore (NY) – An interesting player who has developed from an undersized post, to the kid South Shore wants bringing the ball up and initiating offense.  She’s calm and poised and helps South Shore by creating ball movement.  Scott also has the ability to score, doing so in transition as well as knocking down mid range jumpers.  

Taya Hanson – 5’10 SG – TRC Academy (ON) – Tall guard with a chiseled frame, Hanson rises up to knock down shots and can score on all 3 levels for a guard.  

Madison Lowery – 6’2 SG/W – TPLS Christian (VA) – One of the best 6’ plus shooters, nice lean yet strong frame, Lowery also displayed the ability to finish through contact and did a good job of attacking the offensive glass.  

2019 – 

Jakia Brown-Turner – 6’ W – Bishop McNamara (MD) – Lefty who is an athletic leaper, scored in transition with either hand and was able to stroke the 3 ball.  

Kristen Deans – 5’7 PG – Forest Trail (NC) – Pushes the ball hard in transition without making bad decisions, Deans is a strong explosive guard, good handles, takes pride in defending on the ball and can shoot the 3 ball consistently.    

Rayne Tucker – 6’1 F – Good Counsel (MD) – Long frame without being super thin, finishes baskets around the rim, has great upside.  

Laeticia Amihere – 6’3 W/F – Kings Christian (ON) – Super athletic with very long arms, Amihere was close to dunking in warmups.  She had numerous deflections in their press which led to many easy baskets.  Makes great passes and is shooting the ball from varying distances including 3 point range,  One of the top 2019s in North America.  

Gabriella Zapata-Smalls – 6’2 Post – Life Center (NJ) – Good size for a post player, high motor, battles on boards, draws contact and gets put backs.  

Celeste Taylor – 5’10 CG – LuHi (NY) – Celeste did a great job of drawing defenders in so she could kick out to open shooters, knocked down the 3 ball and used her athleticism to finish in transition.  

Jaida Patrick – 5’10 SG – LuHi (NY) – One of the most athletic players at the event, Patrick displayed good handles, and the ability to get to the basket.  She used her long arms and athleticism to play passing lanes and get steals.

Cayla King – 5’10 CG – NW Guilford (NC) – King has nice size at the position for a PG, she’s poised and under control.  When she was in the game vs St. Frances, NW Guilford was able to play them even. When she came out the St. Frances press took advantage of her absence.  Although she lacks the pure athleticism of some of the other elite prospects, she did a great job of running her team, scoring and setting her teammates up to score.  

Elizabeth Kitley – 6’4 Post – NW Guilford (NC) – Elizabeth’s a well built 6’4 post player with rapidly developing skills.  She worked to seal her man and had high level post footwork like reverse pinning her man on ball reversal.  She has good hands and did a good job of keeping the ball high on put backs.  Only been playing basketball for a few years. 

Ashley Owusu – 5’11 G/F- Paul VI (VA) – Arguably one of the top prospects at the event, Owusu has a unique frame for a player with her skill set.  Her skills are that of a PG, with the frame of a strong undersized power forward.  She’s an excellent passer and does a great job of finding open teammates.  I would call her a high motor player and she has a will to win more than most that was obvious to more than just insiders of the program.   

Anissa Rivera – 6’1 SG – Rock Creek Christian (MD) – Ultra long and athletic, Rivera showed off her range knocking down some long 3’s but was most effective operating at the high post or slashing to the basket.  She was also really good in their press and converted steals to baskets.  Handles are definitely above average especially for a player her size and age. 

Aerial Wilson – 5’9 PG – TRC Academy (ON) – One of my favorite players to watch from the standpoint that she is so fundamentally sound and so smooth.  She never has her head down when she has the ball and maybe the best passer on our list.  Her mid range and 3 point jumpers are smooth and consistent and her ability to run the team is top notch. 

Makayla Ennis – 5’10 W – TRC Academy (ON) – Her arms are so long and she is freakishly athletic.  Still developing guard skills but she’s a pro at defensive rebound and go opportunities.  She’s really good in transition. 

2020 & younger – 2020 unless otherwise noted

Eniya Russell – 5’9 PG – Coppin Academy (MD) – Legit freshmen prospect, great frame and good speed.  Shot the ball well including making multiple 3’s in the game I saw. Good handles and dropped dimes in transition.  

Shayeann Day-Wilson (2021) – 5’5 PG – Crestwood Academy (ON) – Has the ball on a string and knows how to utilize that to beat a good defender off the dribble.  She has a nice floater, competed versus D-1 2017 signees.  Is considered one of the top 2021 prospects in Canada and should be considered among the elite 2021s in North America. 

LaTasha Lattimore (2021) – 6’4 Post – Crestwood Academy (ON) – Runs the floor hard every possession, good hands, gets blocks, still developing but scores easy baskets and put backs.  Has a huge upside. 

Elizabeth Martino – 5’10 SG – National Christian (MD)- Nice smooth stroke on her perimeter jumper, Martino plays at a great pace and always seemed poised.  Her athleticism allows her to be an acrobatic finisher in traffic and transition.  Good understanding of the game for a younger player.  

Janayshia Brown – 6’1 G/W – Peddie School (NJ) – Janayshia is a well known player to InsiderExposure.  She’s been performing at a high level for a number of years and has more high level experience than most freshmen.  Her long frame coupled with her guard skills, allows her be a versatile player.  In the game we saw she knocked down a few 3’s and grabbed some rebounds, pushing them up the floor in transition.  



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