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Crescom Bank Holiday Invitational


Top Left (Clockwise) – 2019 Christiana McLean of Carmel Christian; Crescom Logo; Elisia Grissett and Jessika Carter go head to head; ’17s Kira Bell & Nia Sumpter of Myrtle Beach; ’20 Faith Blackstone of Hillside (NC); Wesleyan vs Winder Barrow set to tip…Natalie Armstrong vs Olivia Nelson-Ododa; ’18 Latrice Perkins ready to catch and shoot; 2018 Natalia Pineda of Ferguson 

Myrtle Beach, SC – Myrtle Beach is a place that thrives in the spring and summer, overflowing with tourist from northern locales, looking to enjoy warm sunny days at the beach without having to venture all the way to Florida.  In the winter Myrtle becomes a ghost town, with 100’s of empty hotels and restaurants closed for the season.

Mayor John Rhodes who has been running the Beach Ball Classic for years understands that this event is a great way to bring together teams from around the country in a great environment to place that needs an infusion of out of town/state revenue at this time of year.

They want teams to come back so everything is done first class, from stats at games, to the accommodations for teams/coaches and parents to the nightly receptions at the host hotel where the mayor and his crew interact with the various coaches talking basketball late into the night.

I’ve covered the Crescom Bank Holiday Invitational once before but this year ensured I’d be back in the future.

As we regularly do, here’s our Top 5 teams from the event (made somewhat easier due to the tournament format) –

  1. Monacan (VA) – 8-0 – Went 4-0 at CBHI; Monacan is different from many of the top high schools teams because they don’t have a team filled with D-1 players.  The have 3 D-1 signees, yes but unlike some teams with 8 or 9 they just don’t have that type of depth.  What they do have is Megan Walker.  Sometimes teams who understand and buy into their roles function at a higher level than what they would be individually.  Monacan is that team.  They are well coached, the players understand their roles and they play extremely well together.
  2. Norcross (GA) – 13-1 – Went 3-1 at CBHI; Had the unfortunate draw of playing Monacan in the 2nd round.  With all due respect, they probably should have been on the other side of the bracket and met either Winder Barrow or South Shore in the semifinal opposite Monacan.  That said, Norcross played a tough schedule and still came away 3-1 in the event.  They have 3 major D1 signees and sophomore stud Tionna Carter
  3. Winder Barrow (GA) –  8-4 – Went 3-1 at CBHI; With the loss today Winder Barrow has been stopped 4 times this year, somewhat surprising.  That said sophomore shooter Chellia Watson missed 2 of those games and I could see how that could really affect Winder Barrow.  Olivia Nelson-Ododa played extremely well on the perimeter against South Shore repeatedly beating her man off the bounce and extending her long frame to finish explosively.  Playing very well right now and if everyone stays healthy are poised to make a run at the state 6A title.
  4. South Shore (NY) – 6-2 – Went 3-1 at CBHI; The loss to Winder Barrow hurts in the national scope of things.  Had they won that game and lost to Monacan, their 2 losses would have been to 2 nationally ranked top 10 teams.  Had they won the whole thing it would be easy to put South Shore in the top 10-15 in the country but unfortunately they didn’t.  In the Winder Barrow game, South Shore got beat entirely way too much off the dribble and settled for too many bad shots.  That said they should have a chance to win the NY AA Federation as well as be a slam dunk for the PSAL title.
  5. Wesleyan (GA) – 10-2 – Went 2-2 at CBHI; Had a very tough schedule which included beating consolation winner Franklin Co. by 20 in the first round, then losing to Winder Barrow, rebounding with a 20 point win over Ferguson, then falling to Norcross in the 5th place game.  They have some great pieces in Natalie Armstrong and Makayla Coombs.  Look for them to battle St. Francis for the GA private Class A championship.

HM – Myrtle Beach (SC), Franklin County (KY)

All Tournament Team –

MVP – Sr. Megan Walker – Monacan

Sr. Nia Sumpter – Myrtle Beach
Sr. Vanessa Blagmon – Norcross
Sr. Selena Philoxy – South Shore
Jr. Olivia Nelson-Ododa – Winder Barrow
Sr. Alex Parson – Monacan

Top Signed Seniors –

Jaelynn Murray – Dreher – North Carolina
Princess Stewart – Franklin County (KY) – Xavier
Elisia Grissett – Hillside – South Carolina
Megan Walker – Monacan – UConn
Alex Parson – Monacan – Richmond
Nia Sumpter – Myrtle Beach – Wright St.
Kianna Adderton – Myrtle Beach – Wright St.
Taylor Mason – Norcross – Miami
Tehya Lyons – Norcross – Pittsburgh
Vanessa Blagmon – Norcross – South Florida
Selena Philoxy – South Shore – Seton Hall
Mikayla Coombs – Wesleyan – UConn
Natalie Armstrong – Wesleyan – Samford
Lexi Maddox – Winder Barrow – College of Charleston

Top Unsigned Seniors –

Carrington Barnett – 5’11 F – Carmel Christian (NC)
Haliyah Sumpter – 5’6 CG – Dreher (SC)
Rebecca Cook – 5’11 W – Franklin Co. (KY)
Tyra Cox – 5’9 CG – Lake Highland Prep (FL)
Kira Bell – 5’8 SG – Myrtle Beach (SC)
Tsahai Corbie – 5’7 SG – South Shore (NY)

Top Underclassmen with very brief notes –

Christiana McLean – 5’7 PG – 2019 – Carmel Christian (NC) – Crafty guard with good change of speed and direction, gritty, scored in a variety of ways on drives vs Ferguson

Natalia Pineda – 5’9 SG – 2018 – Ferguson (FL) – Tough player who can score from the perimeter or on drives to the basket.  See’s the floor and makes nice passes.

Jessika Carter – 6’5 Post – 2018 – Harris County (GA) – Very long and fairly thin, has good upside because of size, but still unpolished.  Seemingly preferred to shoot facing the basket in the game vs. Hillside.

Faith Blackstone – 6′ Wing – 2020 – Hillside (NC) – Long lanky player with perimeter game.  Can shoot the 3 and uses ball fakes to beat defenders.

Tionna Carter – 6’1 PF – 2019 – Norcross (GA) – Strong physical frame with good athleticism, has the chance to be a beast.  Can power through contact and finish baskets near the hoop.

Earlette Scott – 5’11 CG – 2018 – South Shore (NY) – Great frame on a multi-dimensional player who can do so many things, a real jack of all trades.

Sutton West – 6′ Wing – 2018 – Wesleyan (GA) – Long lanky perimeter threat, West has a nice touch and a sweet stroke on her jumpshot.  Good IQ and understands shot selection.

Olivia Nelson-Ododa – 6’5 Post – 2018 – Winder Barrow (GA) – Not hard to see why she is one of the top ranked players in her class.  Very athletic and long, can handle the ball and go by defenders on the perimeter.  Uses long strides to finish….can also post and finish back to the basket.

Latrice Perkins – 5’10 CG – 2018 – Winder Barrow (GA) – Arguably one of the more underrated players I’ve seen this year.  Perkins is playing PG for Winder Barrow in the dribble drive and racking it every time.  Great frame and great size at the position. Good upside.




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