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NEB Spring Invitational Recap

sade hudson

NEB Spring Invitational

By Rob Grieve @RobGrieve1

Murfreesboro, TN – 116 teams descended on Murfreesboro, TN to participate in the 2017 NEB Spring Invitational. There was a high level of talent spread across all 6 divisions which made for some extremely competitive contests.

All-Tournament Teams

1st Team:

G Aislynn Hayes 5’8 2019 TN Flight Navy

Special player due to her outstanding ability to get to the rim and finish in traffic. She feasted on a steady diet of transition buckets all weekend, showcasing the ability to finish through contact with either hand. Shows promise to be a nightmare matchup out of the pick and roll.

G Jaela Johnson 5’5 2018 KY Premier-McClain

She has elite handles, a great jumper, and was consistently able to blow by and level off her man with ease. She also showed great decision making and poise under pressure, worked tirelessly on defense and played just as hard regardless of whether her team was up 20 or down 20.

F Emma Davis 5’10 2018 KY Premier-McClain

Committed to SEMO (update – decommitted 5/5/17); she provides great length and athleticism on the wing, can shoot from deep and penetrate and finish at the rim. She also plays extremely hard- whether it be diving on loose balls, taking charges, or playing lock down defense, she was willing to do whatever it takes to win.

F Mykia Dowdell 5’10 2018 TN Flight Navy

Easily the best athlete at the tournament. She used her elite strength and speed to absolutely dominate the game defensively and showed she had the rare versatility to guard all 5 positions on the floor.

C Daphne White 6’5 2018 MHSP Elite Wilson

Committed to MSU; she towered over everyone this past weekend and showed excellent touch around the rim. She has good hands, gives multiple efforts on the offensive glass, and makes good use of her length by being a big time shot blocker.

2nd Team:

G Sade Hudson 5’8 2018 Team Slink Pink 2018

Set the tone for her team all weekend through her awesome hustle and activity on defense. She also proved to be a nightmare for opposing teams through her playmaking on offense- whether it was her shooting the 3 ball at a high clip, blowing by her man and finishing at the rim, or penetrating and finding her teammates for open shots- she did it all!

G Marissa Mackins 5’7 2018 Carolina Play Hard 16U

One of the more polished offensive players at the tournament. It seemed like she could do it all offensively- deep 3 balls, mid-range pull ups, and dynamic finishes at the rim. There were times where she had to contend with 2 players guarding her every time she touched the ball. She demonstrated tremendous poise under pressure and still found a way to get the scoreboard ticking over.

F Ashley Foster 5’9 2018 AOT Lady Celtics Black 17U

While her game might not stand out as much as others, she was one of the main reasons the Lady Celtics made it to the Championship game. She has great length and athleticism, a huge motor, and provides outstanding effort and activity on defense for every second she’s on the court. She demonstrated an ability to hit the 3 ball as well as put the ball to the floor and finish at the rim.

F Devon Burns 5’9 2018 TN Sol 2018

One of the highest IQ players in the tournament. She has decent size and length, but her real value comes through her leadership, talk, toughness and smarts. She was a knock down shooter when given the slightest bit of room, showed she could put it on the floor and get to the rim, and was also able to play strong defense on a wide variety of match ups.

C Trinitee Jackson 6’3 2018 TN Sol 2018

She was a force to be reckoned with all weekend. Her unique blend of size, strength, agility and finishing ability made her a difficult match up for every team she faced. She was aggressive on the boards, ran the floor hard and sealed even harder. The best part of her game is her ability to finish inside consistently.

3rd Team:

G Taylor Clos 5’5 2018 KY Premier-McClain

Committed to NKU; terrific on court floor general with great handles, poise and vision. She showed great leadership all tournament, rarely turned the ball over, and consistently created opportunities for her teammates through her excellent decision making out of the pick and roll and in transition.

G Alexcia Chatman 5’4 2018 AOT Lady Celtics Black 17U

Another work horse for the Lady Celtics that was instrumental in the team making it to the Championship game. While she may be undersized, she more than makes up for it with her hustle! She is extremely quick, plays tenacious pressure defense, and is extremely dynamic in transition. She was able to get to the rim and finish, find an open teammate, or hit timely deep 3’s.

F Jalynn Landversicht 6’0 2018 Team Slink Pink

Big time improver and still room for growth. She was the barometer for Team Slink’s defensive pressure all tournament- the team fed off her energy! She stood out as a possession winner, a dynamic scorer in transition, a great defender and a strong rebounder.

F Amari Robinson 6’0 2019 Peak Performance Engram

Good athlete, high IQ and a clutch performer. One performance that stood out was when she led her team to a 2 point victory over GA Dream Team- in the last minute she connected on a tough contested lay up to tie the game, fired a cross court pass in transition for the assist to give her team the lead, and then played lock down defense on the last possession to secure the victory.

C DeJa Graves 6’3 2018 TN Flight Navy

Great size and knows how to use it. Not only did she show great hands and finishing touch around the basket, but she also used her body really well to dominate the glass, and had great timing when it came to blocking shots.

Top Underclassmen:

Chloe Moore 5’9 2020 Lady Silver Foxes

Big time game winner! She already has great length and athleticism for a PG. She plays hard, competes on the glass at both ends, has great vision and awareness, and is very adept at using fakes (whether off the catch or off the dribble) to get wherever she wants. She had one of the best clutch plays of the weekend when she drove the full length of the court, shook her defender loose and stepped back into a 3 pointer to tie the game up and send it into overtime.

Joi Montgomery 5’8 2020 AR JB Lady Ballers 2020

Baller who can pretty much do everything. Easily the most enjoyable player to watch this weekend purely because of her will to win. Whatever her team needed- she delivered. Big time rebounds, lock down defense and clutch plays down the stretch were all on display. She was very unselfish as well and always seemed to make the right decision.

Cairah Mays 5’8 2020 Tampa Bay Inferno

Strong, explosive and dynamic. She is an aggressive defender, finishes through contact, competes on the glass, and really sets the tone for her team on both ends. If she can find greater consistency with her jump shot, then she is definitely one to watch for the future.

Carrington Washburn 6’0 2020 TN Team Pride Stark

Huge potential! She is long, athletic and has a huge impact on the game. She is an excellent on ball defender, tenacious on the boards at both ends, and drives extremely hard which leads to her drawing a lot of fouls. Once she fine tunes her jumper and handles, the skies the limit.

Charlee Settle 6’0 2020 Team Slink 2020

Long athlete that can play inside or out. She is able to rebound and run the break herself, has good handles and decision making, and can also make plays inside (has a really nice spin move and up & under). She needs to work on her explosiveness and first step quickness to be more adept at beating her man 1 on 1.

Jakhyia Davis 6’3 2020 TN Fury Wyatt

Good size, strong frame and an old school post player. She is extremely comfortable with her back to the basket, has great footwork, poise, decision making, and is a willing passer when the defense collapses. Once she improves her speed and agility, she will be able to become a more dynamic defender and an even more potent offensive threat.

Isabel Gray 5’10 2020 Team Slink 2020

Long shooter with a lot of potential. She is a great shooter from deep and has handles to be able to make plays for her teammates. If she can develop her explosiveness at getting to the rim and learns how to use her length to be a lock down defender, then she has a very bright future.

Whitney Green 5’7 2020 TN Flight Select 2020

Special player capable of some highlight reel plays. She drives extremely hard and explodes to the basket looking to finish through contact. She has the athleticism and handles to go coast to coast and create opportunities for herself and her teammates. She needs to develop more consistency in her jumper, but when that happens she will be a handful!


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