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Philly Face Off


Philadelphia, PA – Insider Exposure’s Rob Grieve traveled up to Philly last weekend to check out the action, below is his All-Tournament Teams – JM

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The Philly Face Off proved to be extremely popular in 2017 with over 190 teams from 8 different states competing in the tournament. The level of talent was first class and the intense competitiveness in which the games were played made it a memorable event.

All Tournament 1st Team:

G Jordan Nixon 2018 5’8 IEXCEL

Her athleticism, poise, footwork, handles and ability to finish through contact make her a lethal scorer. But what really stood out was her unselfishness, her ability to make her team-mates better, and her willingness to compete on every defensive possession, whether it be by taking charges, fighting around screens or communicating. She was arguably the player of the tournament based on how she led her team to the 17U Diamond Division Championship.

G Michelle Sidor 2019 5’8 NJ SPARKS

Combo guard with elite shooting ability, whether off catch and shoot situations or off the dribble. She had one of the highlights of the tournament when she hit a clutch go ahead 3 to secure a tight victory over Team Loaded. But she offers more than just scoring, she is a great decision maker, plays with poise and creates plays for her team-mates.

F Jakia Brown-Turner 2019 6’0 TEAM TAKEOVER

Big time lefty scorer that can hurt you in a number of ways. She’s a great perimeter shooter, uses her elite athleticism to get to the rim, able to finish through contact, and uses her length to be a dynamic rebounder and disruptive defender.

F Samantha Brunelle 2019 6’2 TEAM LOADED

Her ability to score inside and out made her pretty much unguardable. Her perimeter shooting and use of step backs off the dribble to create space meant she spread opposition defense right out. But that didn’t mean she fell in love with the 3 ball; she was just as willing to get in the paint and do the dirty work through deep seals, aggressive post moves, and flat out hustle on the glass. Her leadership potential and competitive spirit really stood out.

C Olivia Owens 2018 6’4 ALBANY CITY ROCKS

Her quick first step and ability to finish strong at the rim made her a dynamic scorer in face up situations out of the low and high posts. She has solid footwork with her back to the basket, and has a variety of moves to get a high percentage shot or draw fouls. She ran the floor hard, contested shots defensively and was a threat on the glass at both ends. Her stellar play was instrumental in the City Rocks beating 3 Top 25 teams at the tournament.

All Tournament 2nd Team:

G Chloe Chapman 2019 5’7 MARYLAND LADY TERPS

Has elite handles, uses explosive change of pace to get to the rim, able to stop on a dime on her mid-range pull-up jumper, and very good decision maker out of the pick and roll. She has a knack for drawing fouls and is able to make plays for her team-mates in penetrate and kick situations. Once she develops more consistency in her 3 ball, she will be very difficult to stop!

G Carrie Gross 2018 5’9 HAVOC CITY SOL

She had a great tournament and demonstrated a polished all round game. She is a great athlete, active defender, competes on the glass, drives hard and able to finish at the rim, is a great perimeter shooter (hitting 5 3 pointers in one game on her way to 30 points in one game), and is a good decision maker in transition. She really elevated her game when facing a deficit against the Gauchos and willed her team to victory.

F Jaida Patrick 2019 6’0 NJ SPARKS

Without a doubt the stand out defender from the tournament! She made some epic defensive plays including an awesome LeBron James style chase down block in transition, and a game saving block in their tight win against Team Loaded. Her length, athleticism, and IQ make her stand out from the crowd, and combined with her excellent shooting ability and decision making on offense, she is definitely one to keep an eye on.

F Anissa Rivera 2019 6’0 HAVOC CITY SOL

Committed to WVU; she has great length and athleticism and shows a lot of potential as a scorer. She demonstrated an ability to hit some deep 3’s, was able to beat her man off the dribble and finish at the rim, and was also able to have an impact on the game through her activity on the glass and on defense.

C Aliyah Boston 2019 6’3 IEXCEL

She was a rock defensively with her ability to block and change shots, consistently win 1v1 post battles playing from behind, as well as dominate the boards with her excellent use of body and her strong hands above her head. She also showed soft touch around the rim, the ability to draw fouls and finish through contact, strong post fundamentals, and hustle on the offensive glass.

All Tournament 3rd Team:

G Asianae Johnson 2018 5’4 NY GAUCHOS

She has elite speed and quickness, makes great decisions out of the pick and roll and is very comfortable navigating double teams. Her vision, awareness and playmaking ability really stood out, and created a lot of easy opportunities for her team-mates on her strong drives to the hoop. She also shows a lot of potential to be a lock down defender with her excellent lateral quickness.

G Jasmine Dickey 2018 5’10 MARYLAND LADY TIGERS

She was easily my favorite player to watch at the tournament. She has an insane motor and plays flat out for every single possession! Diving on loose balls, crashing the glass, hustling on defense, blocking shots… she doesn’t stop! Her offensive skill set is extremely versatile- she can beat her man off the dribble with her explosive long strides, but is also quite comfortable posting up and playing with her back to the basket. If she can develop consistency in her perimeter jumper, then she’ll really have it all.

F Angel Reese 2020 6’3 TEAM TAKEOVER

Has great size and length, and used it to dominate the game with her excellent ball pressure and strong rebounding. She is extremely dynamic in transition, is able to finish inside (both off drives to the hoop and out of the post) and made some big time clutch plays in a narrow overtime victory against Philly Triple Threat. Bright future ahead!

F Saniaa Wilson 2021 6’1 ALBANY CITY ROCKS

She was arguably the best offensive post player at the tournament due to her excellent footwork, wide array of fakes, ability to use her body to shield the ball, and her willingness to look for contact inside. It seemed like she had so much time and consistently made good decisions out of the post. Has scary potential!

C Andrea Aquino 2018 6’9 NJ SPARKS

Committed to Oregon State; she used her tremendous size and length to block shots, be disruptive defensively, and dominate the glass. She showed soft hands and an ability to finish through contact out of the low post. Skies the limit for her!

Honorable Mentions/Top Underclassmen:

Kania Pollock 2018 5’8 NDO ELITE

Dynamic scorer with some serious flair, has great poise and comfortable navigating double teams, can hit from deep, get to the rim, and finds her team-mates.

Kiara Johnson 2018 6’2 NDO ELITE

Excellent defensive instincts, strong on the glass, runs the floor hard, finishes through contact inside.

Shavonne Smith 2018 5’9 PHILLY FREEDOM STARS

Great athlete, finishes around the rim, strong rebounder, hustles for loose balls, good handles, can finish through contact, dynamic in transition.

Cherelle Washington 2018 5’9 PHILL FREEDOM STARS

Great decision maker in open court, quick first step, able to stop on a dime and elevate into her shot.

Jasmine Walton 2018 5’10 MARYLAND LADY TIGERS

Great defender, dynamic scorer in transition, smooth operator that can blow by her man with ease.

Leilani Correa 2019 6’0 NJ SPARKS

One of the top 5 defenders at the tournament, and a good perimeter shooter; perfect 3&D type player.

Nadjy Tyler 2019 6’3 PHILLY TRIPLE THREAT

Easily the most physical player at the tournament and shows awesome defensive potential with her excellent lateral quickness, timing on blocking shots, and willingness to take charges.

Alana Swift 2019 5’6 PHILLY TRIPLE THREAT

Great perimeter shooter, plays with a lot of poise, uses her body well, has a lot of fight in her!

Jayla James 2019 6’0 TEAM TAKEOVER

Good size and length for a guard, plays through contact, and capable of hitting tough shots.

Kerry Flaherty 2019 5’9 ALBANY CITY ROCKS

One of the best 3 point shooters at the tournament, lightning fast release and great balance.

Faith Masounis 2019 6’0 NJ BELLES

Big time scorer, extremely versatile, great penetrator, strong in the post, can hit from deep.

Allison Campbell 2020 5’11 CPA DYNAMITE

PG with great size, length, handles, poise and finishing ability. Has a bright future!

Maya Bokunweicz 2020 5’10 CPA DYNAMITE

Terrific athlete, rebounds and runs, awesome anticipation on defense, smart and unselfish on offense.

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