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Dream Big Exposure Camp


Clockwise from top left – Group photo; ’19 Alyssia Vanderberg; ’22 Ramona Gallegos; ’20 Juliana Walker; ’21 Sharayah Johnson; ’21s Karina McMillan & Laila Greene

Fife, WA – I don’t travel cross country all that often but when I couldn’t attend organizer Cuco Lopez event last year in the Seattle suburbs, I promised him I’d get out there this year.  The Dream Big Exposure event was held this past Sunday October 1st at the Puyallup Tribe’s Little Wild Wolves Youth & Community Center.

Some of the standouts from the event –

High School –

Alicia Pluff – 5’6 SG – 2020 – Chief Leschi HS (Puyallup, WA) – Lanky shooter with good range.

Juliana Walker – 5’4 CG – 2020 – Annie Wright HS (Tacoma, WA) – Arguably the best player at the event, Juliana was definitely the most entertaining.  She’s in the better than she looks file, with a considerable amount of explosiveness off the bounce.  Nice handles, moves the ball quickly and has a quick release on her somewhat funny looking shot.

Laila Green – 5’6 CG – 2021 – Neah Bay HS (Neah Bay, WA) – A spark plug of a player, her energy and motor was the highest at the camp.  Had a tendacy to over dribble and get caught in traffic at times but her motor more than made up for those miscues.  During the drills she showed good explosiveness, getting low on her dribble.  In the games portion displayed a good shooting touch and elevation on shot from all three levels.

Sharayah Johnson – 6’3 Post – 2021 – Lincoln HS (Tacoma, WA) – Probably the top prospect at the event, Johnson is a well built 6’3 lefty post player with good finishing ability around the basket.  She’s developed 3 point range and shoots the ball cleanly from deep.  She likes physical contact and uses her strong frame to initiate contact inside versus defenders.  Needs to develop some skills going back to her right.  Great overhead outlet passer.

Alyssia Vanderberg – 6’1 PF – 2019 – Arlee HS (Arlee, MT) – Driving from the furthest distance, Alyssia came from rural western Montana.  Certainly a college level player Alyssia displayed a strong frame, with a soft touch from 15-17 feet from the basket.  Used ball fakes underneath the basket to displace defenders.  I would have liked to see her sprint the floor in transition a little more, but there’s a lot of good upside for a college coach to work with.

Jordyn Peterson – 5’6 SG – 2018 – Spencer HS (Spencer, WA) – Did some nice things during the event, including threw a couple of really nice dimes in transition.  Could benefit from increased motor to compliment a nice skill set.

Karina McMillan – 5’8 SG – 2021 – Sumner HS (Sumner, WA) – Smooth shot on a nice semi athletic frame, Karina doesn’t fully understand that she has a basketball body and how to utilize that to be more explosive.  From that stand point she’s still raw, but has major upside especially as someone with such a nice jumper.

Nohea Morrison – 5’6 CG – 2018 – Mt. Lake Terrace HS (Mountlake Terrace, WA) – A high motor player Nohea made a number of perimeter jumpers and gave her best all day.  She talked on D and played with confidence all day.  She definitely got the most out of her ability.

Middle School – 

Ramona Gallegos – 5’8 CG – 2022 – Big upside, Ramona is a big guard with unlimited range.  Was knocking down 23 foot 3s during a break in the action.  Played with the MS group but could have easily hung with the HS group.  Has no idea how good she could be.  During the game portion of the event with the MS group, often differed to her teammates instead of just dominating them.  If she can develop more of a “killer instinct” her upside is huge.

Jaysene Brown – 5’5 CG – 2023 – Smooth CG, wiry frame, did a good job finishing in traffic.

Allie Greene – 5’3 SG – 2023 – Higher IQ guard, scrappy, displayed a nice stroke on her jump shot.

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