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She Got Game 2017


Top Row – ’21 Paige Price (Basketball Victoria), ’20 Rebecca Demeke (Durham Elite); ’18 Mannah Mensa (West Toronto Prep); ’18 Kelly Foster & ’19 KK Deans (West Ridge) — 2nd Row – ’18 Mimi Collins (Paul VI); ’18 Jasmine Forte (Woodbridge); ’19 Anissa Rivera (RCCA); ’19 Zakiyah Franklin (Winter Haven) — 3rd Row – ’20 Angel Reese (St. Frances); ’19 Celeste Taylor (LuHi); ’21 Aziaha James (Princess Anne); ’19 Chloe Chapman (Good Counsel) — Bottom Row – ’19 Marisa Warren (Incarnate Word); ’19 Koi Love (Miami Country Day); ’20 Aicha Caulibaly (New Hope); ’20 Jamia Hazell (Southeast Raleigh)


Washington, DC & Surrounding Areas – First let me start my article by saying as someone who has run events since 2001 and had to deal with some crazy issues that pop up at the last second, Afiba, Meri and the She Got Game staff did an excellent job dealing with the weather, school closings and a changing schedule.  When things happen that are out of your control, it’s easy to run and hide but Afiba, Meri and crew worked through the night on Friday.  The fact that they were able to get 3 facilities that weren’t originally on the schedule to help accommodate the event during the crisis is in of itself amazing.  Finding gyms for events is difficult no matter what, doing it in less than 12 hours during a winter weather warning was almost a miracle in my book.  So hats off to the staff, all things considered they did a fabulous job making the event happen in a near seemless fashion despite some major obstacles that they couldn’t control.

One of the things that makes She Got Game so great is the event is so big and features so many great teams.  The downside to that is it’s really difficult to see everyone, especially this year since the weather forced facility changes at the last minute and moved the event into multiple 1 court facilities.  As I preface most of my articles, I can only comment on players/teams I actually saw.  I’m sure there were some great players I didn’t see.  In fact I know there were some great players I didn’t see. She Got Game All Tournament Team –

Shakira Austin – 2018 – Riverdale Baptist (Maryland)
Honesty Scott-Grayson – 2018 – Riverdale Baptist (Baylor)
Mimi Collins – 2018 – Paul VI (Tennessee)
Ashley Owusu – 2018 – Paul VI (Maryland)
Celeste Taylor – 2019 – LuHi (Texas)
Zakiyah Franklin – 2019 – Winter Haven
Jakia Brown-Turner – 2019 – Bishop MacNamara
Koi Love – 2019 – Miami Country Day
KK Deans – 2019 – West Ridge Academy
Paige Price – 2021 – Basketball Victoria

HM –
Liatu King  – 2020 – Bishop MacNamara
Aliyah Matharu – 2019 – Bishop MacNamara
Madison Scott – 2020 – Bishop MacNamara
Chloe Chapman – 2019 – Good Counsel
Rayne Tucker – 2019 – Good Counsel
Yasmeen Chang – 2019 – Gulf Coast
Alisha Lewis – 2019 – LuHi
Sydney Shaw – 2022 – Miami Country Day
Maria Alvarez – 2019 – Miami Country Day
Janayshia Brown – 2020 – Peddie School
Jasha Clinton – 2020 – Princess Anne
Aziaha James – 2021 – Princess Anne
Brianna Jackson – 2019 – Princess Anne
Yanni Hendley – 2019 – Riverdale Baptist
Jayla James – 2020 – Riverdale Baptist
Elizabeth Martino – 2020 – Riverdale Baptist
Noo Taleah Washington – 2018 – Rock Creek Christian
Anissa Rivera – 2019 – Rock Creek Christian
Nia Clouden – 2018 – St. Frances
Angel Reese – 2020 – St. Frances
Aniya Gourdine – 2021 – St. Frances
Madison Moore – 2018 – West Ridge
Diamond Battles – 2018 – Winter Haven
Tyia Singleton – 2018 – Winter Haven
Aaliyah Pitts – 2020 – Woodbridge
Paris McBride – 2018 – Woodbridge
Vanessa Laumbach – 2020 – Woodbridge
Rebecca Demeke – 2020 – Durham Elite
Marisa Warren – 2019 – Incarnate Word
Sonya Morris – 2018 – Incarnate Word
Lauren Boers – 2018 – Kings Christian
Christian Morra – 2018 – Kings Christian
Grace Stone – 2018 – LuHi
Aicha Caulibaly – 2020 – New Hope
Mariam Traor – 2020 – New Hope
Mya Burns – 2019 – North Augusta
Amari Young – 2018 – North Augusta
Xaria Wiggins – 2018 – Princess Anne
Makayla Wiggins – 2018 – Princess Anne
Jada McMillian – 2018 – SE Raleigh
Jamia Hazell – 2020 – SE Raleigh
Anya Poole – 2020 – SE Raleigh
Jennifer Davis – 2018 – TPLS
Madison Lowery – 2018 – TPLS
Alexi Hempe – 2019 – TPLS
Sierra Johnson – 2022 – TPLS
Tineya Hylton – 2021 – Vaughan Prep

Top Unsigned/Uncommitted Seniors –

Eve Braslis – 6’2 F/Post – Basketball Victoria – Did a nice job running the floor and finishing in transition. Scored in multiple ways, inside and outside.  Hit a 3 and a few perimeter 2s.  Posted up and scored back to the basket as well.

Aasiya Berry – 6’2 Post – Miami Country Day – Big thick strong post.  Has improved significantly the past 2 years.  Good back to the basket finisher, soft touch, nice hands.  Rebounds and outlets up the floor.  Has significant upside, especially with increased conditioning.  Has played major HS and AAU ball and should be signed/committed at this point.  Easily a mid major caliber player.

Kayla Robinson – 5’7 CG – Putnam Science – Explosive guard with good handles, creates in the half court and open floor. Had a number of nice dimes and can score the ball mainly around the basket.

Sharaya Haines – 5’8 SG – Putnam Science – Another play making guard at Putnam.  Good passer sees the floor and looks to set up teammates.  Nice handles and used a floater to score inside while hitting a few perimeter shots as well.

Teija Wahid-Wareham – 5’9 SG – Vaughan Prep – A long guard, is best when she’s getting to the basket and scoring.  She has good size at the position and uses her long arms to get deflections and steals.  No reason she should be unsigned.

Keowa Walters – 6’3 Post – Vaughan Prep – A big, thick, strong post player, Walters is great at using her size to seal her man behind her.  She has soft hands and catches the ball well.  Her conditioning could use some improvement but her size enables her to be successful.

Kelly Foster – 5’9 SG – West Ridge – Kelly is coming back from a knee injury that took her off the summer recruiting circuit.  She remains one of Insider Exposure’s top unsigned prospects nationally.  She’s an explosive lefty wing/SG who can fill it up from the perimeter or on drives and she has great coaching and experience during her career with coach Delaney Rudd.

Manna Mensah – 5’6 SG – West Toronto Prep – Manna is one of the most capable scorers I’ve seen still available.  She’s ultra athletic and can score in a variety of ways.  Nice handles and can really guard on the ball.  Almost unbelievable she’s still available.

Jasmine Forte – 6’3 Post – Woodbridge – A long thin post player, Forte is still somewhat raw.  She has good hands but struggled to finish over other tall post players.  She did finish easy baskets around the rim.  The other things she did really well was hustle, dive after loose balls and in general played really scrappy.  Good on the glass and running the floor, Forte has huge upside.

Melijah Sullivan – 5’11 SG/W – Winter Haven – Built like Chennedy Carter, Sullivan is a powerful guard, with good handles who plays with confidence.  She had a great upside and can do a ton of different things but her biggest challenge is learning to contribute consistently every game.

Top 5 Teams of She Got Game (Insider Exposure viewing only) –

  1. Winter Haven (FL) – One of the few teams to post a 3-0 record.  In fact they are the only team I am aware of that posted a 3-0 record, as many teams didn’t play 3 games especially against the caliber of teams that Winter Haven played.  The Lady Blue Devils rarely leave Florida but during their trip to DC they beat an undefeated North Augusta (SC), a nationally recognized St. Frances (MD) and a very good New Hope (MD) team.  2019 Zakiyah Franklin was as hot as Bitcoin this weekend.
  2. Riverdale Baptist (MD) – A 2-0 record versus Kings Christian who they knocked off easily without Laeticia Amihere and a tough battle against well coached West Ridge Academy.  Riverdale with former D-1 HC Mike Bozeman boasts a lineup filled with high major players including 2018s Shakira Austin and Honesty Scott-Grayson.
  3. Paul VI (VA) – Handled Incarnate Word with 2 maybe 3 high major players easily then beat a very good LuHi team on Sunday by single digits.  Paul VI is lead by Ashley Owusu and Mimi Collins two of the top 2018s in the DMV and nationally and coached by highly regarded Scott Allen.
  4. Bishop MacNamara (MD) – Only played 1 game but boy were they impressive, jumping on previously top 25 ranked Miami Country Day by 20 before MCD made a last ditch effort to trim the final score to around 10.  Bishop Mac is coached by Frank Oliver, one of the top coaches in the DMV for over a decade and he’s got a ton of athletes who love his uptempo, pressing style.
  5. West Ridge Academy (NC) – Went 2-1.  Delaney Rudd maybe one of the top HS coaches in the country and his team executes offensively like a well oiled machine.  In fact I’d say that some D-1 coaches were jealous of the way West Ridge executed versus a loaded Riverdale Baptist, in a game that could have gone either way.  West Ridge won their other 2 games against good competition in Putman Science and Durham Elite (teams with multiple D-1 players).

HM –
Miami Country Day (FL) – 2-1
LuHi (NY) – 1-1
Southeast Raleigh (NC) – 2-0




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