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NC Phenom 150 Girls


Greensboro, NC –

Written by David Kent for

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North Carolina phenoms 150 girls

Woke up Saturday  and Take a short drive up to Greensboro to check out the talent at Rick Lewis’s North Carolina Phenoms camp. I walk into the event to see 60 ladies ready to compete at a high level. A lot of the ladies I’ve seen before but there are some that I saw for the first time Saturday. Here are a few of the standouts.


Kendal Moore 2019 5″6  Pine Forest HS Fayetteville NC (NC state commit)

Kendal is great scoring point guard. Can score from all 3 levels . She has a high basketball IQ. That she use to create scoring opportunities for herself and others.


Crawford Ramsey 2021 6″3 Corinth Holders Zebulon NC

Crawford has a huge upside. Great Links that gives her an opportunity the score in the paint with either hand or take you out to the perimeter and hit the 3 ball. Her ball handling is good enough on a defensive rebounding to start the break.


Ashley Woodfin 2021 5”6 Trinity Academy Raleigh NC

Ashley has a great motor. She can shoot the 3 ball from Deep. She can do this from the catch or off the dribble. Good ball-handler that can get to the basket and score with either hand through contact.


Samyha Suffren 2023 5”7 Ridge Rd MS  Charlotte NC

Samyha is super athletic has great speed. Play Passing Lanes very well. Can score from all 3 levels. She can get to The basket with either hand and finish with contact. I think she has a great upside definitely someone you need to keep your eye on.

Joelle Davis 2023 5”8 Durham Academy Durham NC

Joelle has great length and speed. She can pull up from the NBA three-point line and light you up. Her length allows her to play Passing Lanes and get offensive and defensive rebounds out of her area. Her speed and athletic ability on the defensive end makes it hard for kids to score on her.


Jadyn Newsome 2023 5”10 Northern MS  Greensboro NC

Jadyn great size and uses it well to score in the paint. If she’s on the perimeter she can get to the basket right or left handed and finish their contact. The mixture of size and basketball IQ allows her to guard multiples positions. Every time I see her she add something new to game. I’m look forward to see what she adds next.


Ashara Hayes 5”10 Jack Britt HS  Fayetteville NC

Ashara is a good athlete and has a good motor. She plays hard on every possession. Can rebound the ball at Elite level. Has great footwork in the paint and can  score with either hand. She can defend multiples of positions.


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