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Assist Battle of the Borders


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Roanoke, VA –

Assist Battle of the borders
At 6 a.m. on Sunday I left my house and headed north fighting through traffic from the NASCAR race in Martinsville to finally end up in Roanoke. Assist Battle of the borders Camp had just begun their opening remarks. I got my packet and was about to sit down. For the four hours I was there these are a couple of the kids that caught my eye.

Tracey Hueston 6’2 2020 post Northside HS VA
Tracey great size and length. She uses her length and great timing to block shots and play Passing Lanes. She is an exceptional rebounder and can also start the brake for you as well. She can score in the paint with either hand through contact or step out 17 ft and knock down the jumper.

Shakura Anderson 5’9 2021 William Fleming HS VA
Shakura is exceptional ball-handler. She does a great job of creating offense for herself and others. She has great Court vision and a high basketball IQ. She Has a great first step. When she gets into the lane she can finish through contact or show off her nice floater. She’s also a good on-ball Defender and plays passing lanes well.

Chandler Hicks 5’7 2021 Richmond Christian HS VA
Chandler athletic ability and speed help her on rebounding the ball. She does a good job on help defense and playing passing Lanes and High basketball IQ. She does a good job getting to the cup. She can also stop and hit the pull up 15-footer or stop behind the three line and knock one down in transition.

Mya Blizzard 5”8 2021 Franklin County HS VA
Mya does a great job with moving out the basketball. Showed multiple times where she can knock down the jumper from either a pass or off the dribble. She did a good job of keeping all offensive players in front of her.

Kensey Ferguson 5”6 2019 William Fleming HS VA
Kensey showed off her speed and quickness throughout the whole day. If it was getting a rebound and beating everyone else down the floor or her cross over explosion to the basket. She showed she could score from all 3 levels. When she did get to the cup she could finish through contact.

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