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Providence Day Super Scrimmage


Charlotte, NC –

Video recap by @InsiderExposure – Insider Exposure Youtube Video Recap

Written Recap by David Kent – @coachkent02

Providence Day Super Scrimmage.

After staying overnight in Charlotte after the great Friday Night Lights event. It was a short drive down to Providence Day, where I got to see a ton of talent.  Here’s a few of the young ladies that caught my eye.


Jacee Busick 6″2 2020 Glenn HS  Kernersville NC

Jacee a long high IQ player. That plays hard on both ends of the floor. Can either score in the post or  the perimeter. Shoots the ball at a high level off the bounce or catch. Rebounds well finishes through contact. Everytime I see her she adds something new to our game.

Braylyn Milton 5”10 2021 Independence HS  Charlotte NC

Braylyn is long head to toe. Runs the floor well. Able to score through transition from the perimeter also able to get in the paint. Moves really well without the ball. Good on-ball Defender and she also plays passing Lanes well.

Michelle Ojo 6”0 2021  Ardrey kell HS Charlotte NC

Michelle has great footwork with great hands. Able to catch the ball on the post score right or left handed. Also able to catch the ball off the perimeter and beat her man to the basket and one or two dribbles. She’s also a good athlete able to play Passing Lanes runs the floor very well.

Nevaeh Brown 5”8 2020 Davidson Day HS Davidson NC

Nevaeh is a crazy athlete able to play Passing Lanes very well and lock up on ball Defender. She is able to get into the paint and get to the rim or pull up for a little floater. She showed multiple times that she is able to finish through contact.

Jasmine Fearne 6”0 2022 Hickory Ridge HS  Concord NC

Jasmine is long and lean. A good help side Defender and was able to guard multiple positions because of her length . She rebounded outside of her area and able to track balls down. She shoots the three ball very well but also can score from the other two levels at a high level.

Shakira Bakerville 6”1 2021 West Forsyth HS Clemmon NC

Shakira long lean and super athletic. Can Knockdown shots from two levels. Able to get into the painting find a way to score. Rebounds the ball well and is able to start the break.

Alivia Evans 5”9 2022 Glenn Kernersville NC

Alivia showed that she could shoot the three ball and hit the mid-range jump shot. Also did a good job beating her man off the bounce getting to the cup. She moved well without the ball.

Chloe Williams 6“0 2022 Heritage HS Raleigh NC

Chloe is a great athlete and physically strong. Able to attack the basket get into the paint at will. Has a great 15-footer pull-up jumpshot. Rebounds the ball well. She has a high basketball IQ able to make plays. Has a bright future ahead for her look forward to seeing her.


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