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She Got Game DC

Washington, DC –

Written by David Kent – on twitter at @Coachkent02

She Got Game

Friday afternoon I went and picked up my book for she got game. Sat down and start watching game felt like it was July all over again. Talented teams and players all over the place wasn’t able to capture every single kid but here are some of the kids that stood out to me.

Madison Mims 5″2 Pg 2023 Carolina Prep Academy
Madison a small guard super quick crafty with the ball able to get into the lane and make great decisions. For 8th grader playing in a big event like this she did not look like an eighth grader at all she look like a sophomore or Junior in high school. Going forward she’s got to get stronger and the pull-up jump shot has to be more consistent.

Tess Myers 5″9 combo-guard 2020 North Catholic Pa
Tess has great Court Vision able to make the players around her better. Able to score from all three levels. When she’s on the break she’s able to stop on a dime and pull up from either of the 3-point line or the foul line. She’s also very crafty with the ball when she’s attacking the basket.

Kylee Lewandowski 6”1 2020 North Catholic Pa
Kylee super long an active sniper. She is ready to shoot on the catch. Very quick trigger when she does hit her hand. She’s also be able to shoot off the bounce. When she did attack the basket she did finish through contract. She also rebounds the ball well.

Jy’Nyla Whittelsey 6”4 C 2021 Conrad School of science DE
Jy’Nyla has great size with great footwork and hands. Able to score over right or left shoulder on the Block. Offensively she has a soft touch with 15 feet and then able to put the ball on the floor as well and get to the rack with one dribble and finish through contact.

Stefanie Kulesza 6”0 wing Conrad school of science DE
Stefanie has a high basketball IQ able to guard multiple positions because of her length. Shoots the ball well from the three-point line. She’s Crafty with the ball able to get into the lane and finish. She also sees the court very well and able to make plays for self and others.

Anya Poole 6”2 forward SE Raleigh NC
Anya long and athletic able to rebound and cover up defense of mistakes with shot blocking ability. Able to knock down the jumpshots 15ft and then. She is also able to put the ball on the floor and get to the rack and finish through contact.

Destini Abramson-Lee 5”7 Pg 2020 SE Raleigh NC
Destini is the true meaning of a point guard she was very calm underneath pressure made excellent decisions with the ball in her hand. She was able to get in the lane and score over taller Defenders and also make great plays for other players to score as well. On the defensive and she pressured the ball well and was able to force turnovers.

Benie Lundu 6”7 C 2022 Captain Christian Academy
Benie is super long and super lean. Able to run the floor like a deer. Passes very well from high post or low post to finds open players win double-teamed. She definitely has a bright future ahead of her needs to spend some time in the weight room.

Flore Ngasamputu 6”2 Wing 2022 Captain Christian Academy
Flore is a high energy kid and I really good athlete. She makes a lot of heads up plays. She’s able to put the ball on the floor and get to the basket. She did very well playing through contact and Able to knock down the 15-foot jump shot.

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