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IE Independent School Nationals

David Kent @Coachkent02 on Twitter

Mooresville, NC –

After having the pleasure of experiencing 3 national tournaments this season , I did not expect to witness such  high intensity, nail biting games in a 3 day stretch during the independent school national championships. Surprisingly,  most of the games were decided by 5 points or less.

I could go highlight for highlight, big shot for big shot, big stops and upsets but once the dust settled on Sunday afternoon 2 power house schools remained. Blair Academy and their sophomore dynamic duo paired up against 7 division I signees. Westridge Academy, led by Kk Deans, controlled the tempo, flow, and pace of the game from tip off to final horn. Westridge never let Olivia Miles and Dominique Darius get any type of rhythm. Throughout the whole tournament this dynamic duo were able to make big plays and sports center highlights until they faced Westridge  

KK Deans led Westridge to the championship and MVP honors. Below are listed other standouts from this tournament.

Breya Busby  5″5 2021 Pg Arbrorbrook Charlotte NC

Breya is able to use her speed and quickness to get to the rim at will. Able to shoot the Deep 3 ball. She’s able to run her team’s offense and create opportunities for other teammates the score very effectively.

Tabitha Amanzwe 6″4 2022 forward Blair Academy NJ

Tabitha up-and-coming bright star in this team. Her length and size make her able to block or alter a lot of shots around the basket. She has really good hands and able to finish around the basket. Definitely needs to hit the weight room hard this summer she has a very bright future ahead of her.

Olivia Miles 5”10 2021 Guard  Blair Academy NJ

Olivia was definitely one of the hardest girls to guard at this tournament probably at any tournament. She’s able to get to the basket and finish through contact or create ways to make Defenders Miss. With her you have to pick your poison either she gets to the rim she gets a pull up or deep three. And she’s able to get her teammates involved as well.

Dominique Darius 6″0 Guard Blair Academy NJ

Dominique is an excellent point guard able to get everyone involved on her team. She’s also a great on-ball defender and plays passing Lanes well as. She’s able to score from all 3 levels very consistently. Very crafty with a ball and can use it to get into the lane for great pull up jump shots.

Somer Wilson  6″0 2020 Wing Comenius NC

Somer is a good athlete. Solid with a ball able to use her size and length to get two spots on the floor for her to score. When getting to the basket was able to to finish through contact or find a teammate for an easy basket. Also able to use length to guard multiple positions because of it.

Ariana Koivisto 5”11 2019 Wing/Forward  Putnam science Academy

Ariana is definitely a two-way player and effective on both ends of the floor. Long and lean able to use her ball-handling to get in and out of traffic and get to the rim. Score from two levels on a very consistent basis and able to guard multiple positions. She’s going to Southern New Hampshire

Latasha lattimore 6″5 2021 Crestwood Preparatory ON

Latasha has great size and great skill for her size at this young age. Still needs to work on strength. She runs the floor extremely will able to catch him finish through traffic. Can Knockdown the 15-footer. She checks a lot of boxes for most college coaches. Continuing on this path she’ll play for money one day.

Mary McMillan 5”6 2020  Dme Sports Academy FL

Mary is a very crafty guard able to get into the lane when she wants able to score over big Defenders or stop on a dime for a pull-up. Has excellent Court Vision able to look off the Defenders and create opportunities  for teammates in herself to score.

Madalyn Anderson 5”10 2019 Wing J.Addison ON

Madalyn is a deep assassin. She can shoot it off the catch off the bounce. Super tough able to guard taller Defenders. Foot speed is a little bit of an issue. Makes good decisions Under Pressure never gets spit up or rattled. She is definitely a kid that should not be on the market still. Whatever college coach picks her up is going to get a steel.

Easter Madar 6″2 2021 Forward J.Addison  ON

Easter has good reach on her. Has a good basketball IQ makes great decisions with the ball and knows how to play off the ball as well. Rebounds comes on both ends of floor and able to start the break she could knock down the 15-footer and the Deep ball pretty consistently can finish around the basket as well.

Brynn Masikewich  6”3 Forward Lincoln ON

Brynn is pretty athletic and has good size and length tour. She’s agile enough to be at the front of the press and make a lot of turnovers. Able to shoot the three-ball also able to create her own shot and create scoring opportunities for a teammate. Moves well without the ball. She showed many times why she is going to UCLA

Terissa Lavoile Brice 6”0 2023  Wing St Laurent On

Terissa has a tremendous upside.  She is super athletic able to play in the post and on the perimeter as well. She can guard multiple positions and be effective. She could knock down the mid-range jump shot consistently and gets to the basket easily . Needs to add strength.

Kiandra Brown 6”1 2020 Forward  St Laurent ON

Brown does a great job dominating the glass on both ends of a floor. Able to score off the dribble using her body and strength to score more efficiently. Definitely can tell she works on our game and craft a lot definitely a person you want to keep your eye on in the future.

Grace Pack 6”2 2022 Forward TPLS Academy VA

Grace great size rebounds well on the defensive end gets it out quickly. Runs the floor wheel able to score in transition. If she catches it on the post she did a good job of keeping the high in finishing through contact. Strength and side-to-side Agility needs to get better. But has a great upside look forward to seeing her again.

And this is just a few of the girls that stood out this past weekend at the Independent School National Championships.

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