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EGB All American Games

David Kent – @coachkent02 on twitter; @InsiderExposureDK on IG

I arrived at Tampa Thursday morning and I spent the rest of the day with some college coaches. Thursday I spent all day at The Insider Exposure Pro Combine. Saturday afternoon I arrived at Armwood High School where The EGB All-American Game was being held. Nicc Jackson had one of the best opening monologues to any individual showcase I’ve been to. After the 12 minute monologue we started games and here are some of the kids that stood out to me over the two-day event.

Jada Williams 5”7 CG Blue Springs Mo 2023

Jada Williams, with a ball in her hand, was able to create plays for other kids and able to create her own Shots as well. A great athlete does a great job of getting to the cup and finishing through contact. When she’s able to be in transition she can electrify the game and definitely brings energy through making the correct highlight play. She has a tremendous upside.  I cannot wait to see her in a year or so and see what else she adds to her repertoire.

Sammie Wagner 6”1 Wing San Antonio Tx 2023

I really hate giving this kid a position because every time I see her she has changed her game so much. Sammie is starting to stretch out very much. You definitely can tell that she’s more comfortable with the basketball now, beating people off the dribble from the perimeter, knocking down pull-ups and occasionally the three ball. She’s also able to finish through contact and an excellent passer from the high and low post.

Juju Watkins 6”1 Wing Watts Ca 2023

Juju is a great athlete who’s able to run the break herself or fill a lane and score from the wing. She scores the ball in many different ways, off the mounts, off the catch, and able to get to the cup pretty much at will. She has good timing on shot blocking ability and her upside is crazy. I can’t wait to see what happens when she hits the weight room.

Kiara Croskey  5”4 CG Sumter SC 2024

Kiara made an announcement this weekend that she would like to be noticed on the National stage and she backed it up by her play. She was able to get to the cup that will create for other players on drives, knocking down the pull up at a pretty consistent right and on the other side of the floor she is definitely a dog on defense.

Summer Bostock 5”10 Wing Carlisle Canada 2024

Summer has Great Lengths and a great athlete.  She’s able to run the floor and plays great in transition. She can also knock down the three ball. She can play hard on both ends of the floor and she does a great job of cleaning up the boards. I look forward to seeing her again and seeing what else she adds to that tool belt.

Jada Cook 5”7 Wing Roanoke Va 2024

I’ve had the opportunity to see Jada play multiple times and every time I see her she’s add something new to her game.  She Rebounds the ball well and is able to use her length and athletic ability to guard multiple positions.

Erin Miller 5”11 Post Baltimore Md 2025

Erin has Great Lengths and size and able to run the floor well. She Uses her length to block shots and alter other ones rebounds. She handles the ball very well and is able to start the break via the Outlet pass. She can score around the rim by rebounding a missed shot Or from a pass in from the perimeter.  She has a great upside.

Kennedy Hall 6”2 Post Indian head Md 2025

Kennedy has great size and I pretty good basketball IQ for her age. She has really good hands and is able to catch bad passes and long rebounds. I can’t wait to get to see her when she fully grows into her body. This kid has a tremendous upside. College coaches should take notice today.

Lenee Beaumont 5”9 CG  Lisle IL 2023

Lenee has a high basketball IQ. She’s very crafty with the basketball and has the ability to create for herself  and other people off the drive. She can score from two levels at a high ability. I definitely like this kid. She definitely she has more coming so stay tuned.

Reese Wilson 5”8 Charlotte NC 2024

Reese plays hard on both sides of the Court and is very competitive. She is definitely call confident with her dribbling ability and is able to get into the paint and make plays for other people and she knocked down a couple of pull up jump shots. She definitely has a bright future.  I’m  looking forward to seeing what she adds to the repertoire next time I see her.

Raniyah Hocutt 6”2 post Greensboro NC 2024

Renee has great hands able to gather rebounds and bad passes enable to use her body and size to score around the basket. She’s able to put one move combinations together to score baskets. On the defensive side she does a good job of Walling up. This kid has a tremendous upside has a crazy wingspan. Can’t wait to see her after one year of high school basketball.

Laci Steele 5”10 Wing Guthrie Ok 2023

Laci plays so hard and she is a dog on the defensive side of the floor. She is able to score from multiple levels.  She can seize the floor well in transition and able to create scoring opportunities for other players through transition. She does all the little things, rebounds well helps, defense all.  Just an all  around good player.  Someone to keep your eye on.

Skyla Tuthill 5”9 CG Fort Mill SC 2024

Skyla can really light it up from the 3-point line.  She has good depth and under shot at a young age. She  Has definitely shown the Improvement in ball handling and confidence. She’s able to get to the basket and finish through contact and carries  a tremendous basketball IQ.

Christiana Young 5”5 Pg  Winston-Salem NC 2023

Christiana is a dynamic point guard and very able to get in the paint and create for other players and create her own shot. She can  shoot 3 ball very well and Plays passing Lanes very well. She also carries a high basketball IQ and I’m looking  forward to seeing her again to see what she adds to her game.

Kyla Bryant 5”7 Pg Salisbury NC 2023

Kyla broke out on the national stage this past event, showing off her ball-handling ability, getting to the cup, stopping on a dime and doing her pull-up game. She definitely showed why she’s one of the top 2023 guards in the country.

Ella Weaver 5”11 Wing/Forward ruckersvillie Va 2023

 Ella plays with great energy and is able to rebound against taller opponents.  She can score over them as well. She has  a decent basketball IQ making plays for self and others without the ball. I can’t wait to see her after a year in the weight room in high school. This kid has a tremendous upside.

Mckenzie Graves 5”5 Cg Durham NC 2025

Super athletic guard and able to get into the paint at will, finishing through contact. A straight dog on defense  and off the ball, she  has a nice beginning of a pull-up game and  does a decent job for her age to create space to get her shot off. This kid has a very bright future.  Excited to see what other tool she adds to the belt in the future.. 

I was so happy to be able to witness such amazing, diverse talent under one roof.  This is just a few of the top prospects I’ve seen but there’s plenty more that I could do this write up on. I just wanted to highlight some of the talent that caught my eye.

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