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John Lucas Top 160

By David Kent – @coachkent02 on Twitter

After arriving at John Lucas Saturday morning in Houston Texas, I’ve always heard how great this event is, I was really looking forward to seeing what I can find out here. There was wall-to-wall great talent. John Lucas had one of the best opening  monologues for an individual event  that I’ve heard in awhile. As soon as he was done we got into drill work. Ever every drill was high intensity and highly competitive. Then we moved on to the three on three portion of the event. You definitely could tell who was separating themselves at this point. There were 160 + kids there. So with that being said here’s some of the ones that caught my eye.

Tina Herron 6″5 post 22 Desoto TX

Tina is a long athletic post player able to guard multiple positions. She’s able to get up and down the court and she rebounds well.  She can also start the break and Has good timing on blocking shots. Definitely a kid I will keep my eyes on.

Raven Johnson 5″9 CG 21 Atlanta GA

Raven is an athletic guard that’s able to get into the lane at will. She does a great job of creating space to get the jump shot off. She plays on both ends of the floor and she also does a great job playing passing Lanes. She is definitely a person you want on your team when the game’s on the line.

Sara Puckett 6″2 Wing 21 Muscle Shoals AL

Sarah has a great body and knows how to use it to create space to score around the basket and clean up the boards as well. She does a great job of finishing through contact and uses either hand around the basket. She is able to use her passing ability to start brakes off of her defensive rebounds.

Sahnya Jah 6″1 CG 23 District Heights MD

Sahnya is an athletic guard that creates major mismatches for her opponent. She does a good job of using her reach to guard faster players. She does an excellent job of getting into the paint and creating opportunities to score for herself and teammates. This kid has bright future ahead of her.

Karolina Striplin 6″3 F 21 Hartford AL

Karolina does a great job of cleaning up the boards on the both ends of the floor. She does a great job starting the break through her passing ability and has a soft touch from 18 ft and she uses both hands around the basket.

Isuneh Brady 6″4 Post 22 San Diego CA

Isuneh has great size and length. She is also mobile as well. She has great footwork around the basket and can even step out and hit the 15-footer on a regular basis. She Did a decent job finishing through contact and I Definitely would like to see what she adds to her game next time I see her.

Jordana Codio 6″0 Wing 22 Jupiter FL

Jordana uses her length and athletic ability to clean up the glass well. She’s also good at playing passing Lanes on the defensive end. She had a  good first day and was able to finish with both hands around the basket. Definitely look forward to seeing what she has in store in the future.

Ayanna Thompson 6″0 CG 22 Desoto TX 

Ayanna does a great job getting into the lane and using her body to finish over bigger Defenders. Because of her size she’s able to guard multiple positions. Definitely has a good Knack of putting the ball in the basket and definitely looking forward to seeing her again in the future and seeing what she adds to or bag.

Sydney Bowles 5”11 CG 22 Lithonia GA

Sydney is a hard-nosed two-way player that has a great motor and doesn’t mind mixing it up. She Doesn’t have a problem getting down hill and creating space to get to the basket. Definitely a kid you need to keep your eyes on.

Fatima Kaba Diakhate 6”5 Post 22 Deerfield FL “ diamond in the rough”

Fatima has a great body And knows how to use the body to put the ball in the basket. She has a decent motor. She does a great job of subside and Trail defense and able to block shots from these positions. She definitely is a kid that has a bright future and I look forward to seeing more from her.

Cori Allen 5”10 CG 23 Nashville TN

Cori is very crafty with a ball with a high basketball IQ and is ble to create opportunities for herself and teammates. If you leave her open she will make you pay. She plays on both ends of the Court and There’s no question why a lot of the top teams in the country are recruiting her.

Alexis Andrews 5”6 CG 22 Montgomery AL   “ diamond in the rough”

Alexis is a dynamic point guard able who’s able to push the ball in transition and get to the cup and knock it down with jump shot. She has a crazy motor and plays on both ends of the floor. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what she adds to our game in the future.

Kennedy  Basham 6”6 Post 22 Phoenix AZ

Kennedy knows who she is. She Does a great job of cleaning up the glass and able to start the break from the pass. She runs well and is mobile. She Has decent timing on shot blocking ability and Doesn’t have a problem mixing it up in the post.

Taylor Woodhouse 5”6 CG 21 Southaven MS

Taylor has a quick first step. She’s able to blow past Defenders and get to the club for stop on a dime and knock down the pull-up jump shot. She can Knockdown the 3 ball as well. She’s Ready to shoot on the catch.

Saniyah Glenn 6”1 Wing 22 Staten island NY

Saniyah is a  wiring wing that has a great motor plus a great athlete which is a deadly combination. She runs the floor well and is deadly in transition. She’s able to knock down open shot. She also plays passing Lanes really well.

Kyndall  Hunter 5”8 CG 21 Houston TX

Kyndall is a floor General with a high IQ. She’s Able to create space for for her jump shot or better scoring opportunities for teammates and plays both ends of the floor . She Knocks down the three ball at a pretty consistent rate and she creates good Separation on her step back

Madison McDaniel 5”5 CG 24 Upper Marlboro MD “ diamond in the rough”

Madison was one of the youngest players and she held her own.  She’s a  Good ball-handler with a  decent IQ for her age. She Was not scared to mix it up at all and Had moments that were really bright. Definitely a kid I’d like to keep my eye on.

Qadence  Samuels 6”1 Wing 23 District Heights MD 

Qadence has a great frame and length. She Runs the floor very and is deadly in transition and able to knock down the 15-footer at a very high rate. She Did a great job of getting to the line. This kid has a very bright future, definitely someone for you guys to keep your eye on

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