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Game Point Media East TN Showcase

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I woke up early Saturday morning, took the long drive through the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and made it to a little town in between Gatlinburg and Knoxville Tennessee  for a very well run event by game Point media. I walked in the gym and was met by staff, I got a book and started evaluating and doing some of the videoing. Here are a few of the girls that stood out to me and always My Diamonds in the Rough series.

Kendyl  Tillie 5″8 PG 20 TN

She is a guard that really stands out. She understands the change of pace and change of rhythm really well. She’s able to get defensive players off balance and take advantage of it. She does a great job getting into the lane and create problems for the defense. She can cnockdown the 15-footer and the 3 ball.

Meeyah Green 5″6 PG 26 TN.     Diamond in the rough

Meeyah is a dynamic guard that can hold her own against high school players. At times can actually dominate the game and gets to the cup with ease. She’s able to play passing lanes very well and play on ball defense as well. She can knock down the three ball and  the pull-up jumper. Mid-majors in BCS need to know this kid’s name.

Ana Naas 5″5 PG 21 TN

Ana is a fluid guard with a good body. She is good ball-handler who’s able to create space with the ball. She does a great job of getting into the lane and either scoring over taller defenders with her floater or exhorting to being contacted and finishing with either hand around the basket.

Peytyn Oliver 5”4 PG 23 TN

Peytyn is a dog on the defensive end and puts pressure on for 94 feet. On the offensive side she understands change of speed and changes directions to create space and scoring opportunities for herself and everyone else. She shoots the ball at a pretty consistent range from 3 and also can knock down the mid-range.

Jaycee Douglas 5”10 CG 21 AL

Jaycee is a long guard able to knock down the open jumper from 3 and 15 foot. She does a good job of keeping faster players in front of her with her length. She definitely plays hard on both ends of the floor and uses her athletic ability to rebound outside of her area. Definitely a kid to keep your eye on.

Jennifer Sullivan 5″7  CG 22 TN

Jennifer is a dynamics shooter and point guard who’s able to get into the lane and create scoring opportunities for herself or other players. She’s very crafty with the ball and understands change of speed and change of directions to create space to get her jumpshot off. Definitely can see why she has all the offers

Avery Treadwell 6″3 Post 23 TN    Diamond in the rough

Avery is a long post player that runs the floor hard every single time and gets a lot of easy buckets that way. She does a decent job of keeping the ball high on the catch and has an idea what she’s looking for on the offensive side on the catch. She definitely needs to spend some time in the weight room but a kid you definitely want to stay tuned for. I think she could be a monster

Terryauna Griffin 5”9 CG 22 TN

Terryauna is a very long athletic guard. She uses her length and athletic ability to guard multiple positions. She has great timing on her shot blocking ability. On the offensive end she can get to the cup and elevate and finish through contact.

Bailey Burgess 5″4 PG 22 TN

Bailey is a super tough point guard that will shoot your lights out. She’s ready to shoot on the catch And is able to create a  jump shot off the bounce and can get it off quickly. She’s very crafty with the ball and able to create scoring opportunities for herself and other players by looking fefenders off with her eyes. Coaches do not worry about the size, she’s a dog on defense and she does not have a problem guarding bigger players

Ainsley Pfeiffer 5”10 wing 23 TN

Ainsley is a wing that is pretty deadly from the three-point line and in end. She does a good job of creating space with her step back. She knocks down the 15-footer and floater at a good consistent rate. She does an excellent job of cleaning up the boards and uniting the break like Kevin Love with her passing ability.

Amelia Pfeiffer 6″0 forward 24 TN  diamond in the rough

Amelia has good length and she understands how to use it.  She can go around the basket and she can score over players, using either shoulder.  You can tell she’s in the process of stretching her game to the 3-point line with the bounce and the 3 ball. She does an excellent job of cleaning up the boards and she can start the break as well. She does an even better job of protecting the basket.

Brady Branam  6” forward 24 TN 

Brady is a big body post player that can muscle her way to the basket. She does have a little baby hook in her arsenal and definitely scores over her right  shoulder the best but will attempt to use both hands. She does a great job of drawing contact and finishing through it. And she does a good job from the charity stripe as well.

Josie Horner 6″1 Post 24 TN

Josie is a big body and has the finishing ability around the basket. She has great hands and feet as well. Her 15 foot jump shot is nice and she can put it on the deck and finish through contact. She does a great job of altering shots and rebounding her area.

Taylor Carter 5”6 CG 20 TN

Taylor is a tough player and doesn’t have a problem guarding bigger players. She’s able to get into the paint, create contact and get to the line. She will finish with either hand around the basket in traffic and can knockdown the 3 ball and has a pretty nice pull up jumper. 

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