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Friday Night Lights 2019

By David Kent – @coachkent02 on twitter and @insiderexposureDK on IG

Friday Night Lights

I left Chapel Hill and drove my way down to Charlotte for the best Middle School event in North Carolina….Friday Night Lights. I arrived at the Talbert Rec Center, walked in the door and saw my man Peter London and Joe Fenelon better known as Carolina girls report and nyg hoops. About two
minutes after that all the talent start pouring in to the gym. It started with headshots and then the games began. Every game had talent and was very competitive as well. After every kid got two game they selected the All-Star teams and boy did you see some Marquee matchups. College coaches you
definitely need to read this report. I’m going to give away a lot of free information today. With all that being said here’s some of the standouts from the event.

Zamareya Jones 5”2 Pg 2024 NC
Zamareya is definitely one of the best point guards in the state ans maybe in the country as well. She does a great job of creating space and scoring opportunities for a herself and others through her ball-handling ability. She also can get to the rack when she wants and is able to finish over, around and up in through bigger defenders. Definitely a kid you guys need to know.

Jasmine Harris 5”5 CG 2024 NC
Jasmine is not going to “wow” you like some of the other players that I will talk about. But she is definitely a player you guys want to know. She makes all of the right decisions and is able to knock down the three ball at of pretty high rate. She does a good job of creating scoring opportunities for
herself and others through her ball-handling and passing ability. She also doesn’t have a problem getting down in the stands and playing some defense. Definitely stay tuned

Alyssa Ervin 5”6 CG 2024 VA
Alyssa is like the Energizer Bunny, her motor is crazy. She is a long athletic defender that likes to get her hands in passing lanes and on the ball all the time. She’s able to knock down jump shots and is able to score through contact in the paint. Definitely has a bright future ahead of herself.

Katie Durham 5”6 CG 2024 NC
Katie is another kid that’s not going to jump off the page at you initially but she doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. She does a great job handling pressure and always finding the right play to make. She doesn’t have a problem locking up on defense and using her length to bother the ball handler. Definitely looking forward to seeing her again.

Keegan Morris 5”4 PG 2025 VA
Keegan was at Friday Night Lights last year but this was the first time I got a chance to lay eyes on her. She has definitely improved in all aspects of her game. She’s still a good on-ball defender and she makes players earn everything they get on offense. And she’s starting to develop a little pull up and floater to her game.

Reese Wilson 5”8 PG 2024 NC
Reese is a kid every time I see her she’s added something new to our game. She has a great motor and a willing defender. She does a great job of getting into the paint in scoring with either hand around the basket. You can definitely tell that she is working on separation to get her jumpshot off. College coaches definitely need to write her name down.

Kate Sears 5”8 CG 2025 NC
Kate is a left-handed assassin that happens to play basketball. She can score from all three levels at a high consistency. She’s learned at a young age change of speed and change of direction and with that she’s able to create offense for herself and others. Another one college coaches definitely need to know who this kid is.

Joyce Edwards 6”1 Wing/Forward 2024 SC
Joyce is a dynamic player who has a great motor. She has cheap relentlessly attacks to the basket and she’s able to score with either hand around the basket and finish through contact. She has nice 15-footer and a nice floater as well. Defensively, she has a great timing and knack to get deflections and
block shots. She is a BCS kid

Kiara Croskey 5”6 CG 2024 SC
Kiara a fast guard that’s able to get into the paint and wreak havoc on defenses. She’s able to shoot the three-ball at a very high rate and able to create her shot off the bounce or get to the bucket and finish through contact. She’s a good on-ball defender and can play the lassing lanes very well. College coaches should definitely know who this kid is and start following her now.

Keshiya Rhodes 5”9 PG 2024 SC
Keshiya is a big bodyguard that can either bully her way to the cup or break you down with the dribble and create space to get a shot off. She is one of my favorite players at the event. She also does a good job of knocking down the 15-footer. Defensively, she can play passing lanes well by using her athletic ability and basketball IQ. Definitely another one college coaches need to know today.

Jaida McClure 5”8 PG 2026 NC
Jaida has a chance to be special. She never seems rushed or phased by any defense or pressure that she gets. She always makes good reads for passes or shots and she makes the players around her better. She does a good job keeping offensive players in front of her and also does a great job using her body when she’s getting to the rack.

Taylor Barner 5”8 Wing 2024 NC
Taylor does a great job of scoring the basketball. She can score from all 3 levels and she can create her shot or do it off the catch as well. She does a good job getting down hill and making the defense collapse and then kicking it out to players for open shots. Defensively, she does a good job off the help side and uses her athletic ability to block some shots.

Sarah Strong 6”1 Wing/Forward 2024 NC
Sarah is a highly skilled player with a great frame. She can operate from all three levels on the low block, high post or step out to the perimeter and play basketball. Not only can she operate from those but she can be effective from all three as well. She has great basketball IQ and makes the right passes or can knock down the shot as well. Defensively, she does a great job of walling up and blocking shots on ball or from the help side. College coaches should definitely take her name down. She’s probably a BCS

Anna Reese Pratt 6”2 Forward 2024 SC
Anna has a great body with great hands and that’s a deadly combination. She knows how to use her body to displace the defender and score with either hand around the basket. She also has the ability to step out and hit the 15-footer and definitely has a soft touch. She does a good job of rebounding outside of her area. And she understands help-side defense at a high level for a middle schooler.

Ella Hobbs 6”4 post 2024 NC
Ella is a kid I’ve seen multiple times but every time I see her she’s always adding something to her game. She’s still a great rebounder and cleans up the glass on both ends of the floor. She does a great job of keeping the ball high and finishing through contact around the basket. She’s starting to show she can knock down the 15-footer at a pretty consistent rate.

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