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Providence Day Super Scrimmage 2019

By David Kent @coachkent02 on twitter & @InsiderExposureDK on IG

Providence day super scrimmage

I arrived in Charlotte early Saturday morning to check out the Providence day super scrimmage that usually has a ton of talent in the building and this year it did not disappoint. I could definitely tell there was a ton of talent here and you could tell what teams were ready for the season after only three days of practice.  Some of the top teams that were in attendance were TRC Academy out of Canada, Myers Park, Glenn, Vance, Freedom and Jordan High School. Some of the other ones that I’d like to see again down the road were West Forsyth, Charlotte Christian, Asheville Christian and Independence. Here are a few of the top kids at the event.

Carolina  Sikkink 5”10 wing 2021 Asheville Christian NC

Caroline has a nice smooth jump shot and is very consistent from 15 feet and out off the dribble or the catch. She also does a great job of cleaning up the backboard and starting brakes. She has good size and is able to absorb contact going to the basket.

Michaela Lane 6”2 Wing/Forward 2020 Butler high NC 

Michaela has good size and good length. She does a great job of defending the paint and clearing up the offense and defensive glass. She has the ability to score with either hand around the basket and can knockdown the 15-footer at a very consistent rate. And does a good job bullying her way around the basket.

Breya Busby 5”5 PG 2021 Charlotte Christian NC

Breya is a lightning quick PG who’s able to get into the lane whenever she feels like it and scores over taller defenders. Defensively, she’s like an ad on the ball handler. She does a great job of getting her teammates involved and setting them up for winning situations.

Connie Kofoed 5”10 Guard/Wing 2023 Charlotte Christian NC

Connie has good size and good length and shows she’s able to shoot the basketball. I could definitely tell she knew what she was looking for but didn’t always execute. She has a promising upside, definitely need to stay tuned.

Jael Hall 5”7 CG 2021 Concord First Assembly NC 

Jael does a heck of a job of creating space in scoring opportunities for herself and others. She can hit the step back 3 very well and has a great motor on both ends of the floor.  Definitely a key player to keep your eyes on.

Raven LaXander 5”9 CG 2024 Concord First Assembly NC 

Raven had moments yesterday where you didn’t know she was an eighth grader playing in the high school event. She was able to knock down the three ball and did a good job getting to the basket and pushing through the contact. Definitely a kid that has a very promising future.

Josie Hise 5”7 CG 2020 Freedon NC

Josie it’s a solid combo-guard who’s able to run the point if needed but shoots the ball extremely well from the 3. She has the ability to create her own shot off the bounce and is a good on-ball defender. Division II this would be a solid pick up for you.

Iycez Adams 6”1 Wing 2021 Glenn NC

Iycez has great length, great body and is very strong. She is able to guard one through five very well and does an excellent job cleaning up the boards on both ends of the basket. Because she has a strong frame, she’s able to absorb and finish their contact. She is starting to extend her game to be able to push through off the bounce and create for teammates.

Kennedy Calhoun 5”5 PG 2021 Hickory Ridge NC 

Kennedy is a lightning quick guard who understands how to change speed and direction. She does a good job creating scoring opportunities for teammates and creates her jump shot decently. Defensively, she has a good motor and keeps ball-handlers out of the paint.

Jasmine Fearne 5”11 Guard/Wing 2022 Hickory Ridge NC ( Australia)

Jasmine has a very European style play. She is highly skilled and able to step out to shoot the three and is very consistent at working from the high post . She does a decent job of cleaning up the backboard and is definitely a kid I’d keep watching.

Braylyn Milton 5”11 Wing 2021 Indianapolis  NC 

Braylyn is a long wing that is able to knock down the three ball very well off the bounce or the catch. She does a decent job of getting to the cup but I would like to see her create more contact to finish in the paint.  She definitely is a kid that you should have on your radar.

Taylor Henderson 5”10 Wing 2021 Myers Park  NC 

Taylor has a long frame and is able to guard multiple positions. She does a really good job of cleaning up the boards, she can knock down three ball and has a very nice pull up jumper and floater. She is solid overall and a player that you should watch.

Mia Xerras 5”6 PG 2023 Myers Park NC 

Mia was a very poised point guard for being a Freshman and did a good job getting her team into sets. She did a great job getting into the paint and finding shooters or scoring over top of taller defenders.  I think this is a kid that has a tremendous upside.

Reese Johnston 5”11 Wing/Forward 2022 South Meck  NC

Reese is a long gangly shooter. She can also take you off the balance and finish through contact. I’ve seen this kid grow tremendously over the past two years and I definitely think she has a tremendous upside. She’s a good on-ball defender and a decent help-side. She’s definitely someone you need to go watch.

Jaclyn Feit 6”3 Post 2020 South Meck NC

Jaclyn is a super long and lanky post. She does a good job protecting the basket and cleaning up the glass. On the offensive side she does a good job keeping the ball high. She really made big improvements over the last year but also needs to get stronger but definitely a lot to work with here.

Lisa Tesson 5”10 PG 2022 TRC Academy Canada

Lise is electric with the ball,  gets downhill and creates space to get her jumper off or find open teammates. She did a good job of getting her team involved and she is a good on-ball defender. Definitely show she had a pretty stroke.

Aleksija Vucovic 6”1 Wing/Forward 2022 TRC Academy Canada 

Aleksija is a long gangly wing that runs the floor very well. She has decent hands and a pretty good looking shot. She is not quite yet a finished product but has a bright future.

Lilly McRae 5”7 CG 2022 Wealeyan Christian Academy NC 

Lilly definitely is a lights-out shooter who is ready on the catch or off the bounce. She also showed that she was able to put the ball on the deck and get to the basket. I definitely have seen a big improvement from freshman to sophomore. I would stay tuned if I were you guys.

Maddie Scheier  5”3 PG 2023 West Forsyth NC 

Maddie a small guard that has a big basketball IQ. She understands what she’s looking for and understands how to maneuver the defense to get what you want. She is an excellent passer and does a decent job of finishing over taller defenders. I wouldn’t take my eyes off of this one.

Shakira Baskerville 6” Wing 2021 West Forsyth NC

Shakira has a great frame and she can really light it up from deep. She knows how to use her athletic ability and ball-handling to get down hill. She posses a lot of tools to work with someone. I will keep my eyes on her.

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