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Reviewed by David Kent

I woke up Friday morning and started my adventure down the road 10 hours to Memphis, Tennessee. I had to make a few pit stops along the way, picking up Peter London from Carolina girls hoop report. During the drive we discussed alot of different things but mostly how much different basketball is at this time with covid-19. But we also talked about being so excited to finally be able to get back in the gym and see a ton of talent all in one place. We got settled in Friday night and woke up early Saturday morning to prepare for the the next 2 days of camp. Here are a few of the kids that stood out to me from the high school and middle school sessions.

Jenna  Lawrence  6”2 Wing 23 AR

Jenna was one of the best players in the building. She was able to score from all three levels at a very consistent rate. She dominated the glass on both ends of the court and she had a great motor, playing hard all the time. I expect major BCS offers for her in the near future.

Torin Rogers  6”2 wing 22 NC

Torin came to Memphis to make a name for herself and did that and more. She definitely showed that she is making the transition from a forward to a wing player very nicely and she showed she could score against some of the best in the country.

Caroline Lyles 5”11 CG 22 AR

Caroline is a lights-out three-point shooter. She’s ready on the catch and she can put the ball on the ground as well to get her shot off. There are very few kids I’ve seen that can do it off of the bounce, the catch or the screen and at a high rate. And she showed it off throughout the day.

Emma Ruhlman 5”10 CG 22 PA

Emma has great size and knows how to use it to get to the basket or create space to get a shot off. Her motor and effort is always on. She can knock down the three and also hit the mid-range. College coaches if you need a blue collared player, this is your girl.

Amya Black 5”9 PG 21 TN

Anya is a lightning fast guard that can get into the lane whenever she wants an elevator over top. She has excellent court vision, finding the open player all the time. She’s crafty with the ball and can create space to get her shot off or to get a teammate open.  Definitely a kid you should keep your eyes on.

Jordyn Griggs 6”1 post 23 CA

Jordyn is a tremendous talent. Her upside is unlimited in length and athleticism.  I would like to see a better motor on her at times but this kid is definitely someone everyone needs to know.

Grace Pack 6”3 post 22 VA 

Grace has definitely shown that she’s been in the gym working on her agility and ball-handling. She is still a knockdown three-point shooter and willing passes from the post. I cannot wait to see what she has next time.

Emily Monson 5″11 CG 23 TN

Emily is long-winged that has long distance range. She uses her length well to score in the painted area and has a great motor. She is very crafty with the ball and is able to create space to get her jumpshot off. Definitely a kid Power fives want to keep they are eyes on.

Hannah Wallace 5”10 wing 24 Mo

Hannah a super long athletic wing that is blocking every shot and going after every rebound. I definitely can tell that she is a rising 9th grader but her upside is crazy. This is a kid I think in a year’s time will be having a breakout year.

Amiah Hargrove 6”2 forward 24 IL

Amish has good length and great timing on blocking shots.  She definitely is a kid that likes to clean up the glass and her motor is crazy as well. This kid has a tremendous upside so I cannot wait to see what a year of high school basketball does for her game.

AnnaCaite Markham 5”11 wing 21 TN

AnnaCaite has a great basketball IQ. She uses her length and speed very well on the defensive and offensive end of the court while also showing that she can score from all three levels at a consistent rate.

Abbey Harrison 6”2 forward 22 MS

Abbey has great size and length. She has good hands around the basket and does a great job of finding the open man when the double team comes on. She has a really nice touch from 15 ft and in the end, definitely a kid I wanted to keep my eyes on.

Alyssa Lewis 5”5 Pg 24 MO

Alyssa is a dynamic point guard that can score from all 3 levels. She’s very crafty with a ball, understands change of speed, and changes direction very well. She has as great court vision as well and never gets herself into trouble by getting too deep in the paint before making decisions. Definitely a kid you want to know.

Chloe Woodson 4”11 CG 28 OK

Chloe is very skilled for her age. She had no problem mixing it up with girls 4 AGE groups older and no problem getting down hill in the lane and making decisions to kick it out. Definitely a kid I want to keep my eyes on and see how she develops over the years.

Skylar Waller 5”6 CG 25 KY

Skylar has a high basketball IQ kid with a blue collar work ethic. She is very crafty with a ball and is able to create space to get to the basket or get her jumpshot off and get her team mates  open as well. On the defensive side of stuff, she had no problem guarding the ball and did a heck of a job on the help-side of defense.

Imari Berry 5”9 CG 24 TN

Imari is an electric guard that knows how to use her athletic ability and skill set to create scoring opportunities for herself and everyone else on the court. On the defensive side, she plays the passing lane well and did a good job of getting help side blocks at the basket. This kid has tremendous upside and every college needs to know this kid.

Samantha Gonzalez 4”11 CG 27 

Samantha is a tough-as-nails player who had no problem trying to guard girls twice her size and being successful at it at times. She pocesses a good basketball IQ for her age and skill as well. Definitely kid I want to continue to watch grow over the next couple of years.

Rachel Griffin 6”2 F/W 24 TN

Rachel was definitely one of the top athletes in the building this weekend. The mixture of athleticism and length made her very dangerous on the defensive end by blocking a lot of shots and rebounding everything off the glass. She has a soft touch 15 ft and in. Definitely a kid college coaches want on their watch list.

Chrishunti Walker 6”1 F/P 24 TN

Chrishunti has great size with a great motor which is a deadly combination. She knows when to use her power game and knows when to use her speed. She’s able to finish through contact and when she’s cleaning up the glass she can also push the brakes. This is another kid I want to see how she develops over the next year or so.

Breona Hurd 6”1 F/P 24 MO

Breona is a long, tough as nails forward. She does an excellent job of getting out and transitioning and filling lanes early. She can knock down shots from all three levels and when she’s getting downhill to the basket she does an excellent job of fighting through contact and getting the ball up on the glass.

Delaney Roller 5”10 W/G 24 AR

Delaney is a highly-skilled kid with a high basketball IQ as well. She has a great motor on her and does a good job of getting down hill the and mixing it up between a pull up and getting all the way to the basket. She can score from all three levels.

Addison Meiton 5”11 CG 24 TN

Addison is a dynamic shooter who’s always ready on the catch and can do it off balance as well. Her IQ is outstanding and understands how to get teammates involved. In transition she can kill you with the shot or the drive. College coaches you want to know her sooner than later.

Hope Drake 5″9 wing 24 VA 

Hope has a high basketball IQ. She understands how to move without the ball very well for a kid her age. She could score from all three levels and also could relocate to get her shot off. She played both ends of the court and did a good job cleaning glass and pushing in transition. Definitely someone to keep your eyes on.

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