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NYG Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights Philly Edition

By David Kent – @CoachKent02 on Twitter & @InsiderExposureDK on IG

I took a 6 hour drive up to Philly to see my guy Joe and his event, Friday Night Lights. While fighting through traffic, rain weather and not getting speeding tickets I arrived to the gym eager to see what I find. What I saw was a ton of talent in the building from kids from all over the Northeast. Here are some of the kids that stood out to me.

Meghan Yarnevich 6”1 P VA 25
Meghan has great length and size for her age. She has good hands and decent footwork and is able to score right and left handed around the basket. She also did a good job of running the floor and cleaning
up the glass.

Tiara Thompson 5”3 CG MD 25
Tiara is very smart and crafty with the ball for her age with the ability to get downhill quickly. Her basketball IQ is really good for age and she will definitely be a kid I need to see again in the future.

Olivia Schmitt 5”5 CG 24
Olivia is a good ball handler who does a good job of creating scoring opportunities from it. She’s tough as nails on both ends of the floor and does a good job of getting into the paint and getting the ball on the glass to score. Definitely a kid I’d like to see more of.

Hope Drake 5”11 WV 24
Hope has an extremely high basketball IQ for her age. She has a smooth jump shot and uses her High basketball IQ to find different ways to score from all three levels. Definitely a kid everyone needs to keep their eyes on and put on a watch list.

Makenzie Williams 6”4 P 24
Makenzie has great size and she runs the floor extremely well. She has great timing on blocking shots and able to come from the helpside block shots without fouling. Definitely a kid coaches will love quickly.

Sophia Vital 5”3 CG 23

Sophia has a good basketball IQ and understands how to change pace and speed to create scoring opportunities. She is able to get into the lane, draw defenders, and kick it out. Definitely a kid I would like to see again

Victoria Vital 5”10 w 23
Victoria has a very good basketball IQ and understands how to move without the ball extremely well. Her size and length are a big plus for her. She understands how to knock down the three while off the catch but I would like to see her get better off the bounce. Definitely a kid to keep my eye on.

Isabella Toomey 6”0 F 23
Isabella is a good athlete on both ends of the floor and can guard multiple positions. She does a great job of cleaning up the glass on both ends and keeping the ball high on the offensive side for easy

Gretchen Dolan 5”10 w 23
Gretchen is an extremely good basketball player and shoots the ball extremely well. She can do it off the bounce or the catch. Because of her extremely high basketball IQ she knows how to move without the
basketball and get herself open very well.

Maddie Scheier 5”4 Pg 23
Maddie is a crafty guard that understands change of speed and change of direction. She does a phenomenal job of getting into the paint and getting all her teammates involved, maybe even to a fault. She can also score from all three levels. Definitely a kid I’d keep my eyes on college coaches.

Blake O’Grady 6”0 w 23
Blake is a Swiss Army knife. She has a little bit of everything in her tool belt. She will take you into the post, score at will and she can take you out to the three-point line and drop you off from deep. Or she can put the ball on the floor and get to the rack and finish through contact. Coaches you need to jump on her now before she gets too big.

Paulina Paris 5”8 w 22

Paulina is a very crafty guard that scores from all three levels extremely well. She is able to break down her defender and create scoring opportunities not just for herself but everyone else on the team. She has excellent Court vision and BCS schools need to start building relationships now.

Morgan Lee 6”4 P 22
Morgan has great size and great hands. You can either throw it to her on the block and she can go get the bucket for you or she can score out of the pick-and-roll just as well. She does a great job of protecting the rim and cleaning up the glass. Definitely a kid I think who’s stock rose this weekend

Ashlyn Bender 5”11 w 22
Ashlyn is a kid with excellent footwork on the perimeter and in the post. Her basketball IQ is very good and she’s able to out think a lot of players that are more athletic than her. She shot the ball at a very consistent rate and definitely is a kid I would like to see again.

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